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A sustainable water supply is critical to the world’s economic, social and physical health. All humans should be, therefore, responsible for saving water through…
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MOD 7 Discussion
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Why Have a Concern for Water School Water primarily plays a key role in all forms of life, of which human generated processes are the most impacting. A sustainable water supply is critical to the world’s economic, social and physical health. All humans should be, therefore, responsible for saving water through two major principles of protection and preservation. Preservation involves employing controlled use to keep this rare commodity from getting replenished, such as recycling and controlled consumption. Preservation, on the other hand involves elimination or reduction of contaminating agents. The foremost driving force to water protection and conservation is its being a limited natural resource of finite availability, with only 0.6 percent of global water being fresh and 0.03% accessible for human consumption. Water is getting scarce and its demand rising from climate change and increasing human population respectively.
Reasons for the human community to have a concern for water spread across diverse areas because water forms an essential part of the ecosystem, even sustaining the under-water life. Arousing a pro-active response is the alarming decline in the sea water level, drying sources, declining glacier on top of the mountains and low water tables, which all serve but as assurances that water quantity is indeed declining.
Pollution makes the key initiator of all water problems and it is by addressing the same that we can eradicate water scarcity. With dwindling water supply, the world’s major economic pillars including agriculture and industrialization are going to suffer the blow. Water pollution at the same time poses numerous health risks to consumers. The second initiator of water scarcity is irresponsible consumption behavior, eventually resulting to wastage of fresh water, while apparently; statistics show that one in nine people worldwide do not have access to fresh water.
Catherine Cosgrove, William Cosgrove. (2012). The Dynamics of Global Water Futures, Driving Forces 2011-2050. United Nations World Water Assessment Program .
CH2 MHILL. (2002). Airforce Water Conservation Guide book. Airforce Water Conservation Guide book . Read More
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