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Management Work and Society People, Management and Business - Essay Example

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This research paper discusses many of the issues which women face in organizational environments, especially within the UK labor market. One of the key determinants of the women labor market is the fact that gender discrimination exists, which is not recognized or understood by managers. …
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Management Work and Society People, Management and Business
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Extract of sample "Management Work and Society People, Management and Business"

Download file to see previous pages The structure of this paper is as follows. In the next section, the main arguments on the gendered nature of the organization are presented. This section is further divided into a number of subsections. The first subsection discusses the ways in which occupational mobility is important for women, and how it influences the organizations. Issues of the way in which lack of mobility can lead to gender pay differences are also discussed. In the next subsection, the aspects of gender and ethnic makeup of the senior management are discussed. It is noted that the type of senior management present in an organization will influence the kind of people who are hired. The third subsection discusses the ways in which pay differential is a key determinant in the gendering of the organizational environment. The next subsection discusses the implications of education on the nature of the organization. It is established that the organization is highly influenced the type of education which is available to the employees, and that women are generally less educated which decreases their chances at getting to the higher levels of management in the organization. The final subsection takes all these issues into account, and is a philosophical discussion on the ways in which a gendered policy is suitable for an organization working in a competitive market environment. This paper concludes that although there is some evidence that the gendered nature of organization is changing, however significant further progress needs to be made before organizations can call them self gender neutral. 2 Discussion & Review of Literature A great deal has been written about the organizational careers and the ways in which gender influences it (Barry et al., 2006, Belfield, 2005, Charles and Harris, 2007, Deem, 2003). Many of the studies on gender and women in management have established that satisfaction level of women working in organizations in UK and elsewhere is lower (Smith, 2009) because of job discrimination, difficulties in work-life balance (Charles and Harris, 2007), and poor attitude of management (MarTins and Parsons, 2007). The issues of gender in women, especially within the UK context has been debated in the literature for a long time, and has been a subject of controversy and debate (McDowell, 2005, Metcalfe, 2008). 2.1 Occupational Mobility One of the key issues facing women working in professional environment is occupational mobility. The circumstances under which women can choose or refuse promotions, new work environments and other key changes in the nature of the job are the key turning points in the career of women (Berg and Einspruch, 2007, Guillaume and Pochic, 2009, Tomlinson, 2006). A number of authors are of the view that careers of women are conceived as a set of adjustments to their family lives, which negatively affects their working relationships (Charles and Har ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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