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Impact of Culture on the performance of the virtual groups - Essay Example

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The paper is devoted to the research of the cultural impact on the virtual groups' performance. The notion of culture, carrying a number of different meanings, is taken in this paper as the standard neutral set of behavioral patterns. The virtual groups under research will be going through the two similar tests, with the use of the decision-outcomes criteria…
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Impact of Culture on the performance of the virtual groups
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Extract of sample "Impact of Culture on the performance of the virtual groups"

Download file to see previous pages It is implied, that the culture of virtual groups is defined by the level of their education, as the tests will be made among students through the period of two semesters. It is necessary to consider the impact of culture through each of the four decision-outcomes criteria separately, making common conclusion. For the aims of the work it will be necessary to describe the AST in details, making special references to its potential connection with the issue of cultural impact, it will be necessary to define the context in which the notion of culture will be considered as well as distinguish the exact methodology and analysis methods.
The work will be useful for the students studying in the sphere of computer sciences. The present research represents high relevance as the issues of culture in various aspects of human life acquire new meaning when applying them to the new technologies. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Impact of Culture on the Performance of the Virtual Groups Essay.
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