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People should not be confined to working with counterparts from the same culture or same geographical environment. This is because people from different cultures are able…
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Extract of sample "INTER-CULTURAL MANAGEMENT: Homework on TEAMS"

Download file to see previous pages It is therefore advisable for companies to consider having workers from different cultural and geographical backgrounds working together.
Multicultural team brings together individuals from different professions, gender different thinking styles. When these factors are combined they form a competent team, which realizes its goal within a short time. A team with people from different cultural systems prevents the smooth interaction of people (Diestefano and Mazneviski 45). This is because people come with different ideas on how the group should function. When a team is compromised of people from the same culture, their work may be compromised. This is because people tend to hold deeply on to their cultures, thus forgetting their mission. A team from different cultures ignores the cultures since they are not usually addressed.
Difference in culture instills value to the team members as opposed to people working from the same cultures. Culture affects how team members come up with ideas and how the handle difficult situations. Multicultural teams are able to handle complex situations in their work. They have the ability to come up with innovative ideas and dynamic ways of handling a particular problem. It is therefore advantageous to have a team of people from different cultures than to have a team of combined good members.
A good combination of team members is one that holds the virtues of their team as a priority in realizing the goals of the team. There is no division between the team members as they consider themselves as one team (Elron, and Vigoda-Gadot 299). This is because division of the team will result in members doing their own things, which may lead to failure of the team. When one member fails it results to the failure of the whole team. Teams should work as a unit to enhance the realization of the group objectives and goals.
A good team member has a vision in which they communicate the same message. When individuals have one vision, they are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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