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Tips for Leading Multicultural Team - Coursework Example

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The paper “Tips for Leading Multi-Cultural Team” undertakes a critical analysis of how leaders train employees to deal with multicultural teams to enhance productivity. The author explains the Hofstede Cultural Dimension to better understand the ranking of a dimension of different countries…
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Tips for Leading Multicultural Team
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Download file to see previous pages Multifaceted leaders need to be environment- responsive. They require great interest and enthusiasm to absorb new response; they need a broad interest and an eagerness to absorb new signals from a field like religion, social group, literature, art, history, and geography. Multiculturalism is an indication in political philosophy which states reaction towards the cultural and religious diversity. Multiculturalism is used as an umbrella phrase to characterize the proper and biased claims of a variety of destitute groups, comprising of women, gays, and lesbians, disabled and African American. Most of the theories of the diverse culture focused on the comments and arguments of ethnic and minority groups like Latinos in the US, Muslims in Arabian countries, and also in nations like Catalans, Basque, Welsh etc and also the native peoples of North America, Maori in New Zealand. Cross-culture deals with the policy of dissimilarity and recognition and that which is concerned with the disrespected identities and altering governing policies. It also involves economic awareness and political authority and also demands the remedies of the minority people regarding financial and political issues.
Multicultural team members have different styles of communication, working techniques, decision-making processes, and ways of measuring success. Managing multicultural teams effectively is to identify the principal cultural causes of conflict, to ensure that both the teams work together and empower its members to deal with future challenges. The management involves effectively and creatively dealing with the challenges that might emerge, as employees come from different culture interacts with each other to accomplish a common goal. Cooperation and working together always lead to efficiency and satisfaction that may not be otherwise possible. Successful completion of specific tasks, projects, and objectives in an organization requires a strong bonding among the groups.
Globalization and Technology have created a work culture that makes necessary for the member of the teams to depend on one another to achieve their mission successfully. Such teams are a collection of employees having a different cultural background, sharing their responsibilities and are interdependent on each other managing their relationship within and outside the organization. At first, a leader should decide about the implementation of styles of leadership to treat each culture differently. A leadership style across culture is always considerate, sincere and appreciated. Unless and until everyone in an organization adopts the organizational environment it is difficult to move in the right direction and attain profits. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Tips for Leading Multicultural Team Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5250 Words)
Tips for Leading Multicultural Team Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5250 Words.
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