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The paper has explored issues related developing a global virtual team, whereby relevant steps involved have been established and discussed. The paper has also covered the cultural differences between the countries in a way that affects the culture and performance of the team…
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Plan to Develop a Global Virtual Team
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Various factors have led to the rise of virtual teams; in fact, the prime contributing factors are advancement in technology and globalization. At the commencement of a virtual team, there is unexpected bonus, whereby the team’s productivity is increasing, and the productivity of an effective virtual team increases according to the industry and organization.

In this case, global virtual teams facilitates garnering of substantial talent from different parts of the world, thus eliminating the expenses incurred on travelling and creating the accessibility of low wage resources. On the other hand, this section of the paper focuses on discussing a plan of developing a virtual team, and these entail three steps. Step 1: Participating in the Selection Process of Virtual Team Members and Leaders Management of talent can help the team leaders in the process of formulating the team through an assessment of employee in contention for membership on a virtual team, in order to determine whether they possess the relevant skills (Ebrahim, Shamsuddin and Taha, 2653). Organizations may expand due to the use of a virtual team, thus evaluating candidate for the skills is relevant in the method of assortment for positioning in the outlook. In this case, forming a virtual team requires professionals to be aware of the skills and competencies that are to be demonstrated by an assessment of potential virtual leader, in a case whereby they currently possess the skills or they will develop them due to additional training. Step 2: Ensuring Appropriate Selection, Training and application of Virtual Team Technologies Prior to formation of a virtual team, a human resource manager is expected to consider the relevant technologies that are needed to contribute to success. Therefore, the virtual workers may depend on the technologies for facial expression and assessment of nonverbal cues as the fundamental drivers of establishing the trust among the members (Wikibooks, 1). In the process of technology implementation, the team leader is expected to create a chance for the computer system in the organization to use a section of the board, and for the team members to share personal experience. Step 3: Train The virtual team members are expected to have a high level of competence by, thus making the odds that assembles the A-team of the virtual team with members that posses the relevant skills and competencies for effective navigation thought the environment. There are technical experts with the knowledge that is vital for the projects handled by the team and they may possess expansion of the communication skills that are required (Meena and Kip, 1). On the other hand, there is need to establish an effective communicator with the ability to be a good virtual team leader. Therefore, training is necessary in order to facilitate the success of the virtual team, whereby the HR and the talent manager find it substantial to identify the gaps in skills in a way that ensures training in a way that closes the gaps. Cultural Differences between the Countries that Could impact the Culture and Performance of the Team Cultural differences are adding value and diversity to teams, though in some sections there are problems. Various cultural issues emanate for the global virtual team, whereby there are a bogus perception of similarity, which is contradictory insight of teamwork. For instance, South Korea has a position on the scales and index concerning other nations, whereby from dimensions in 2005, there are empirical and parameters that are verifiable in a way that the counties would be classified in a particular category (Malhotra and Majchrzak, 11). In fact, there were independent ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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