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Communication Challenges to Managers in Global Virtual Teams - Research Paper Example

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Due to globalization, several cross-boundary enterprises arose. The change in leading teams from same nationality to global virtual teams necessitate leaders…
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Communication Challenges to Managers in Global Virtual Teams
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Extract of sample "Communication Challenges to Managers in Global Virtual Teams"

Download file to see previous pages It is therefore important to study and understand the connection between communication and performance of virtual teams. Jointly, trust and communication vastly influence performance of members of virtual teams. In any kind of team, members are likely to differ in ideologies as well as ambitions, which can be challenging to managers managing such teams. In global virtue teams, the challenges are severe since the teams comprise of members from different nationalities characterized by cultural as well as technological differences. Being a leader of a global virtual team is challenging and it requires excellent management skills. This paper focuses on communication as one of the crucial challenges for managers in global virtual teams, because of differences in their national culture and technology structure.
Challenges posed by geographical separation include lack of synergy. Another challenge that managers of global virtual teams face is inability to identify the talents of their employees thus might end up employing a less diverse team. Virtual teams permit organizations to expand their territories thus employ individuals from different backgrounds. However, challenges may arise in the management of virtual teams resulting in ineffectiveness (Mirjaliisa, 2007; Sarker, Ajuja, Sarker, & Kirkeby, 2011). The challenges could be related to several factors. Leadership style is the major challenge. Managers should thus ensure that their leading strategies are in line with the team members’ anticipation. This can be made possible by switching between the different leadership styles depending on the situation at hand (Johri, 2010; Shachaf, & Hara, 2007; Shachaf, 2008; Dorothy, Kayworth, & Mora-Tavarez, 2010; Karen, 2008).
The other challenge is the building of trust. The geographical separation often results in a feeling of alienation, which makes it hard to develop strong relationships amongst team members. The lack ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Communication Challenges to Managers in Global Virtual Teams Research Paper.
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