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Managerial communication; Proposal Report - Assignment Example

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Yet it is the most key element in business management. Proper communication skills by business managers can lead to loyalty, creating lasting bonds and attaining companies set goals with the…
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Managerial communication; Proposal Report
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"Managerial communication; Proposal Report"

Download file to see previous pages However when employees are promoted to managerial ranks they are obliged to quickly learn and create a rapport more efficiently to maintain their position. Business leaders can improve their communication skills through practice and commitment applying crucial approaches that will determine how effective they communicate with their juniors. Communication defines most businesses resulting into efficient marketing campaigns, great customer service and improved employee employer relationship, Wardrope (2005) . Because recipients need different communication at different situations and locations, business leaders need to master the art of effective communication suitable for each audience. Poor communication is regarded to have a negative effect into the way businesses operate. For example, poor communication can cause employee conflict thereby harming the influence on organizational culture. The aim of this paper is to look at three business communication models, outline and offer useful advice relevant to business communication for a managerial position.
Intercultural communication has been a topic of several research and studies over the last decade. The significance of understanding the interactions and associations between individuals from several places has grown due to globalization. Businesses, Information Technology and the Internet have made the world a global village. Intercultural communication occurs when people persuaded by several cultures discuss common ideas in association. Globalization has connected the world closer than before. Business operations across cultures occur daily. To enable business run smoothly inter cultural communication is very vital. Interactions are in most times intercultural when distinct groups are most prominent in establishing the language, non verbal behaviors, values, relational styles and prejudice with which those people relate Kim (2001). When people from different cultures share experiences, their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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