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Global project management - Essay Example

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Effective cross-cultural team member within a project can provide extended source of experience and innovative thinking to increase quality of the project. However, in today’s multicultural global business community, the issue of cultural diversity interfaces negatively to the…
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Global project management
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Extract of sample "Global project management"

Download file to see previous pages The research has been conducted in order to identify and analyse the culture influenced problem in international project management. From the literature section, it was found that, there are large numbers of international projects that fails due to miscommunication and social fragmentation. The main argument is that, language used in social interaction create boundary for social fragmentation and obstacles of managing projects globally.
According to Goffee and Jones (1996), cultural diversity brings verities of skills and expertise within project teams and can have a strong impact on the effectiveness of international project management. The diversity of culture and institutional difference between organizational members add extra cost in the large construction and engineering projects (Salomon and Schork, 2003). In the era of globalization, most of the companies are trying to manifests itself in international projects and offshore service delivery. Loosemore and Lee (2002) opined that globalization is the central theme of the today’s business society. However, it has been noticed that, project managers faces additional challenges to manage their project globally due to presence of cultural diversity. Religious beliefs and cultural factors impose external issues in the workplace. Cultural difference hampers the sense of belongingness and reduces cultural identity of the workers. Thus, one of the primary issues to manage projects globally is the potential inability to communicate with the team members belonging from different cultural background.
The literature section of the proposal deals with addressing the previous areas of research, theories, models and concepts in relation to the current topic. Through the study of existing literature, the researcher intended to identify the existing gaps in literature and based on that has tried to carry out a critical evaluation.
Globalization has affected the approaches to project management and changed the needs ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Global Project Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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