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Global virtual sales team - Research Paper Example

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Name: Professor: Course: Date: Global Virtual Sales Team Over the past decades, companies have experienced enormous growth. As a result, they have turned into global teams that are virtual. This is a mechanism to ensure that dispersed workers in different geographical areas involved in various projects…
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Global virtual sales team
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Download file to see previous pages They are functioning to better comprehend the competencies that defines their global leadership strengths. Another challenge lies in the numerous strategies they are implementing. They are unsure which strategy would lead to successful outcomes in attempts to form global teams. Thus, it is a trial and error practice (Virtual teams, 2). The final challenge revolves around the issue of getting those in remote areas engaged. Most remote areas cannot enable the installation of technologies that global team’s use. Hence, people in the grassroots are constantly being left behind regarding virtual team recruitment and training. Accurate information from the rural areas has been rendered useless because it cannot be presented to the top management. The ultimate result is that investors besides some stakeholders cannot access the information. Recruitment and training of virtual teams can be done using online advertisement. One can be recruited when he or she clicks on the website. Thereafter; they are trained on how to use virtual tools like teleconferencing or video tapes. With each member of the virtual team being in a position to use virtual tools, they can easily be managed by logging in and participation during virtual meetings. Enhancement in information technology eases data to easily avail in virtual teams. This step made it easy to train and educates virtual teams. For example, software for analytical presentation has made it easy for data to be easily availed (Sarah, 1). The software allows data to be presented instantly by using either the web or an intranet. This software also allows complex analyses to be calculated. This software is very useful during recruitment and training of people within the virtual team. Sales in virtual teams are achieved by the use of telemarketing. With a sales team that is effective, evaluating sales is made much easy. This is because the teams have experience on how to manage data related to sales despite their geographical location. This is done with constant links with the top managers. When to hold virtual meetings among virtual team is an open issue. This is because it depends on the team characteristics. This includes the nature of sales and so on. Virtual meetings can be held at least once a month. However, if there is an urgent issue that needs to be addressed; the frequency increases... This is because there are a lot of uncertainties in the business environment which should be addressed as they arise (Marian, 2). Teleconferencing is one way in which virtual meetings can be held. Teleconferencing offers many advantages. One of them is that people participate regardless where one is. This means that travel expenses are not incurred. With efficient planning, virtual meetings have turned to be successful. The use of video feeds to conduct virtual meetings is also useful. All these methods of virtual meetings need a proper plan to ensure that all succeeds. The same skills that are used in non virtual meetings are applicable in virtual meetings. This also demonstrates that conducting virtual meetings is such a simple task. The first and most important step when leading a virtual team is to adequately equip them with the desired tools and skills. Thereafter, building interaction among the team members would be necessary. The rights skills are useful in creating balance between the social skills and technology interface... As a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Global Virtual Sales Team Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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