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Two Statistical Methods - Essay Example

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Statistical methods have evolved over a period to time to address specific needs of industries, governments and society at large. Statistical studies follow either the experimental or the observational path. Whatever be the approach or study that is taken up, the analysis of the data is done using any of the number of statistical methods that are available…
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Two Statistical Methods
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Download file to see previous pages This distribution is a theoretical method used normally to have the goodness of fit of an observed statistic to a theoretical model and the degrees of freedom that it is calculated to. The chi-square is used to test both of these parameters. Most often this is used in specifically to address the issues relating to proportion of population. Two chi-square tests are comfortably used; one, test for goodness of fit and two, test for independence2.
Analysis of Variance provides the methodology to analyses a dependent variable and the effect of other interval independent variables on the values of the dependent variable. ANOVA (Analysis of Variance) may be One-way ANOVA when the effect of one independent variable is measured. However, effects of multiple interval independent variables can be measured. This helps in substantiating the 'main effects' and the 'interaction effects'3.
Main effects bring out the direct variation in the dependent variable due to every single independent variable. Whereas, the interact effect brings out the combined effect of the independent variables on the dependent variable. This is normally analyzed in various combinations. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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