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The Role of Medical Laboratory Assistants - Assignment Example

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In the paper “The Role of Medical Laboratory Assistants” the author discusses Medical Laboratory Assistants (MLAs), which are mainly involved in the preparation as well as in some cases the processing of the patient samples. They are also required to perform some prerequisite tests…
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The Role of Medical Laboratory Assistants
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Download file to see previous pages But the main duty of MLAs is to process the sample so the MLA should have a sound knowledge about the sampling and the processing techniques as well as the local recommendations of the regional medical legislative authority.
The main principles of planning a test include the propose of carrying out the test, the knowledge of the clinical suspicion for a particular disease. Then the time frame of performance is planned followed by the list of the equipment and the chemical used and then the standard procedures for the investigation are gone through in detail to exclude the possibility of missing anything.
Basically, the responsibility of accurate and timely reporting of test results lies on the personnel working in the laboratory as there are many problems which can arise even before the sample has undergone the analytical process. These errors can only be tackled properly if the prior understanding of the process, as well as the capability to identify any error in these processes, is present in the MLAs. In addition to this, controlled and correct interpretation of results needs a comprehensive knowledge of analytical, biological and pathophysiological variability and the extent of this change. There should also be sound knowledge about the time span in which changes can occur in the sample resulting in the variations and errors in the final results.
Reproducibility shows the relation of the results of the tests carried out with different operators, test apparatus and in different laboratories, it is usually expressed in the form of standard deviation. It is directly related to the accuracy of the results and MLAs should be able to reproduce the results which are accepted worldwide.
The process review techniques should be quick and easy as it will save the time of quality control supervisors.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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