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Classroom Management - Setting Expectations - Assignment Example

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Setting high expectations for students is crucial to developing high-performing students who exhibit strong academic performance and positive classroom conduct. Students have an excellent sense of how high, or low, a teacher's expectations are for students and respond with a corresponding effort.
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Classroom Management - Setting Expectations
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Download file to see previous pages 2. Students who miss a day of school should see the Make-Up Work Folder located on the bookshelf next to the pencil sharpener. In this folder, students can find a detailed list of what notes and activities they need to make up. Handouts will be in the folder, but students must borrow notes from another student and copy them by hand to their notebook. Missed assignments are due within 3 school days of the student's return.
3. Required daily materials include a black or blue pen, a pencil, a designated 3-ring binder, and the course textbook. Any other daily materials will be listed on the classroom board, so students can view them as they enter the room and get any required materials before the bell rings.
4. Homework will be assigned daily Monday through Thursday and due at the beginning of class, whether the class reviews it then or later. All work is to be original. Some assignments will be based on completion; others will be graded item by item.
5. Students will use a 3-ring binder dedicated to this course to collect notes, maps, graphic organizers, and other classroom materials. Each item in the notebook, regardless of its type, will be called a document and given a consecutive number. The notebook will be collected and graded based on completion once each grading period and constitutes a large part of students' daily work grade.
To communicate these standards to students, verbal and graphic methods should both be used. Also, the plan has to be communicated to parents as well as students (Wong, 1991, p. 170). Graphic methods include writing the rules and procedures for students on handouts that they include in their class notebook, as well as posting the rules on the classroom wall. Parents will be asked to read the rules and procedures established for the class, and then sign a note confirming they have knowledge of them. During the first days of class, students will hear explanations of the procedures and practice them (Wong, 1991, p. 177).
To implement standard 5, regarding the class notebook, the teacher should produce samples of notebooks from previous years for students to view, and explain the different types of documents to be included. If possible, handing out a table of contents beforehand helps students' notebooks stay organized. The teacher must emphasize when documents for the notebook are being made, and differentiate them from daily class work that would be handed in. Consistent reinforcement during the first weeks will help students remember to include all necessary documents in the class notebook, allowing them to score a high grade on their daily work.
Establishing high expectations for students provides them the immediate benefit of improved academic performance and allows them to realize their potential.

Wong, H. K. The first days of school: How to be an effective teacher. Sunnyvale, CA: Harry K. Wong Publications, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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