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Classroom Engagement and Management - Assignment Example

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Abstract: The following paper traces the issue of classroom management from a personal perspective and seeks to provide the reader with a broader understanding of how classroom management schemes can be employed to maximize student participation within the learning process…
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Classroom Engagement and Management
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Download file to see previous pages This makes it necessary to seek to outline and tabulate an approach and present it to the reader in the form of a personal best practice. Introduction Class room management has traditionally been understood as just that – management. However, the student should also be aware of the fact that classroom management necessarily requires a close collaborative agreement with the other stakeholders in the process; students. Although the phrase classroom management necessarily refers to an active process by which a leader, the teacher, interacts with the managed, students, the reality that the article seeks to display is that classroom management is ultimately a two way street that requires close cooperative agreement from all stakeholders involved. As a function of developing this cooperation and agreement, the article notes that there are several steps that the teacher and students can engage in that will help this to take place to a greater degree. The first of these is with regards to seeking to agree on classroom rules at the very beginning of the year. This of course helps to level the playing field and present the students with the metrics by which they will be expected to follow. Additionally, checking in with students at the start of every classes emphasize as a means of possibly averting any negative behavior prior to it being exhibited. Furthermore consistency and expectations is emphasized as a means of ensuring that conformity in cooperation is uniform. Naturally, reinforcing positive behavior among students is one of the most effective means of discouraging negative behavior. As the age-old dictum goes, it is easier to catch flies with honey. A further aspect of classroom management is emphasizes with regards to maintaining student dignity. This not only helps to increase the level of self-respect the student has for himself/herself, it also helps to increase level of respect with which they engage with others (Deaton, 2013). Tying along with this is the need for the teacher to maintain a level of neutrality and not engage in any accusatory type behavior. i) Specify how you will present and conduct yourself Oftentimes, it is the case that classroom management has a great deal to do with the way in which the stage is set. What is meant by this is the fact that the teacher must be highly cognizant of the fact that their appearance and the way in which one conducts the interaction has a great deal of impact with regards to the way in which stakeholders will interact with the educator. As such, the classroom management plan that this particular student would seek to implement would be one of presenting a recognizable appearance of authority while maintaining this visual appearance with an ordered and structured approach to the lesson plan (Lawrence, 2013). Unfortunately, this is oftentimes overlooked and counts as one of the elements that is either performed in excess or not at all. However, when performed appropriately, the results allow for an educator to maintain control of the classroom, maximize the level of respect that is rendered, and encourage participation from all involved. ii) Specify the behavioral goals for you students With regards to the behavioral goals that would be expected, this is also oftentimes misunderstood and underutilized by the educator. All too often, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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