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Dispositions - Essay Example

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In the teaching situation observed, the group consists of about twenty students. The lesson they have is about reading and writing. This size of class is manageable because the teacher gets to actively interact with each and every student on a personal level. …
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Extract of sample "Dispositions"

Download file to see previous pages This helps the teacher observe and learn the student’s individual strengths and weaknesses and assist them to improve appropriately (Calkins, 1983). The classroom environment is comfortable. This is evident through the seating arrangement and the overall outlook of the classroom. This tends to boost the students morale and enhances their learning and development. The group seems to be comfortable with each other and this is seen through the interactions that they have. This improves their learning capability because the learners are at ease. 1b). Instructional delivery The instructional delivery used in this class situation is, the teacher has invited the students to participate in the writing process and this improves students’ interest. Once the student has developed an interest in what they are learning, it becomes easier for the teacher to get through to them. The teacher has also monitored the subject of the course that would create an exciting experience for the students. In the video, one of the students talks of how much they love mother’s day. This is a topic that would excite the children. During the learning process, another delivery method that the teacher used is to let the children share a fond experience, which is expressed with their writing. 2. Analysis, Exploration, and Reasoning 2a). Student-teacher interaction The student teacher interaction observed in this classroom situation is the one to one consultation that the teacher has with her students. The teacher seems to be attending to the students at an individual level. This improves the learning capability of the student. The students are actively participating in the teaching-learning activities. The teacher also ensures that there is participatory learning whereby each student actively participates and contributes to the lesson. The lesson is not teacher-centered. 2b). Tone of the teacher-student interaction The tone that the teacher uses is very friendly and slow, and is geared towards making the children comfortable. When the students are in a learning situation, the kind of tone the teacher uses can determine the level of understanding of the students. The teacher also uses a tone which ensures that all the students hear and understand what is being said because the tone is loud enough (Bransford, Brown & Cocking, 2000). 2c). Level of student engagement with the lesson In the observed classroom, the students are engaged in many activities. One of the activities is drawing a picture of a place of their choice then writing about that place. This kind of student engagement is essential for their learning. After the sharing sessions, the other students are given a chance to discuss the work that has just been presented. This gives the student a chance to share their ideas and correct their fellow student. The students also get to learn from each other as they exchange vocabularies. Not all classrooms have this kind of engagement. 2d). Setting expectations for academic performance How the teacher reacts to the performance of a student substantially determines how the student will continue learning. The teacher has to set expectations for academic performance for every class. In the observed situation, the teacher does so by giving the students small tasks and letting the students share the work they have done. With this sharing the students can see what the other students have done. This helps the students not to feel discriminated due to their performance and instead try to be better. This kind of academic expectation does not interfere with the student’s self-esteem while helping them at the same time. The students are also expected to listen keenly to and strictly follow the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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