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Sociology Project Summary and Annotated Bibliography - Essay Example

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WHY ROCKS, SYDNEY AUSTRALIA The Rocks in Sydney Australia has long been observed by many as a historical place with wondrous areas of interest that most tourists love to visit every year. However, the interest over this place goes more than just its aesthetic beauty or its physical attributes, but also based on its historical background that is as colourful as its beauty…
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Sociology Project Summary and Annotated Bibliography
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Extract of sample "Sociology Project Summary and Annotated Bibliography"

Download file to see previous pages ROCKS, Sydney. Information Website. (August 9, 2009). This website offers a huge amount of information about Rocks, Sydney Australia. The informations within this website gives a particular insisting information about the different sites that are directly effective and elemental in showing the historical background of the place in concern. Besides that, it could also be noticed how the entire website introduces a good consideration on the major operations that are taken into consideration with regards the promotion of culture in the area.
Around Australia Website. (August 9, 2009). The in depth presentation of Australia and the consideration focused on the detailed history of Rocks, Sydney is a huge implicative presentation of how the entire place is actually moulded through the history that it passes through. It could be noticed how this site helps the non-knowing individuals to gain a bit of familiarization with the place and gain interest on its culture and history as well. From this website, it could be considered how important history is actually a huge factor that shapes up a particular society and how that society is able to shape the entire place where the said group of human population is living in.
The Australian Heritage. (August 9, 2009). This website on Australian heritage gives a clear vision on the different issues that are embedded within the Australian society. This website posts a regular update with regards the regular things that are happening in Rocks, Australia; these updates are regularly given a particular focus so as to help outsiders have a knowledgeable understanding about the developments happening in Rocks, Australia.
Emanuel, Cedric. (1979). The Rocks: Sydney's Most Historic Area. Cassel Australia Limited Publishing. This book's author is known for his knowledge of Australia and its history and the effective presentations that he handles to introduce the country as well as certain cities of Australia towards the world. This written book then gives a particular description that serves as a practical mirror about Australia and the different elements that make up the said society that leads up towards the progress of the entire country. The historical background of Rocks, Australia have been etched through this reading and presented with an interesting picture that creates a great picture towards the possible understanding of the world towards the truth behind the growth of Rock, Sydney Australia.
Kelly, Max. (1997). Anchored in a Small Cove a History and Archaeology of the Rocks, Sydney. National Library of Australia. Archaeology is a very important factor of human history, an elemental matter that creates a fine description on how people lived before and how their life actually progressed because of these past cultures and traditions that the ancient Australians had to live with before. Basically, the process to which everyone progressed in that particular part of the country has been outlined through this reading; allowing for a more progressive understanding about the people and about the country that is most needed to be known by those who are interested in gaining a more in depth understanding ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Sociology Project Summary and Annotated Bibliography Essay.
“Sociology Project Summary and Annotated Bibliography Essay”, n.d.
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