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Of Air Pollution in Beijing - Annotated Bibliography Example

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In the interview, as conducted by Rowles, a fellow researcher in this project, the main component was the environmental issues raised by the alarming pollution levels at…
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Annotated Bibliography of Air Pollution in Beijing
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Extract of sample "Of Air Pollution in Beijing"

Download file to see previous pages With this kind of primary data, it was possible to solidly cement the research evidence and thus eloquently state out the findings of the research. With this data, it was possible to tell what the position of the city is from a first-hand point of view.
This interview was aimed at establishing hard facts from residents about the observable effects of pollution within the city. The interviewee as born and brought up in the outskirts of Beijing. He has lived his entire life literally in the city having schooled and currently working there.
From this interview, it is possible to line out some of the major effects of urbanization and thus pollution in the city. Life has been literally abuzz with changes for the residents and at times observing some things they never thought. These excerpts can be used by the researcher to solidify his arguments by bringing out the cries the victims.
Sanderson, H. (February 28, 2013). Beijing Air Pollution Tops Hazardous Levels Days Before Congress. Retrieved from air-pollution-tops-hazardous-levels-days-before-congress.html
This is a report from a top business news website about the levels of pollution in China. The concentration of air pollutants have been compared to various prescribed levels giving the situation on the ground. Comments from various government based agencies like the environment institute have been reported also.
The article focuses on a real time position the atmosphere at the city and the effects that it might have. This is mainly because it is a highly rated debate issue as the congress resumes. The current governments’ response to the issue like issuance of real time data has been highlighted.
In accordance to this report, the severity of the case, to the government has been highlighted, this assists the researcher in getting the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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