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Critical webliography - Annotated Bibliography Example

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Indeed, it has in it several reports and studies that have been carried out on tobacco smoking and its impact. On of the research contained in the website is an investigation of…
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Critical annotated webliography
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Extract of sample "Critical webliography"

Download file to see previous pages or problem of public health among adolescents in Ireland, due to the fact that it exacerbates the respiratory conditions, decreases the lung volumes’ growth when the lung is exposed to smoke before maximum growth and is also an independent risk factor for the lung cancer. The quote above indicates the extent of effect tobacco smoking has had on the young people. This trend should be discouraged at all costs.
The website reports that studies have proved that smoking initiation at an early stage in life poses a greater risk of cancer, years of tobacco smoking and independent of tobacco smoking intensity, due to the mutation of the cell in the underdeveloped tissue resulting to the malignant potential in the long run. According to the department of Health, “the Government approved the principle of prohibiting smoking in cars with children present” (Web). Indeed, this is a clear prove that smoking among young people is of a great concern. In a nutshell, this website has adequate information that will be useful to the researcher when carrying out research on tobacco smoking. Moreover, the quote above has highlighted some of the measures put in place to ensure that there is a reduction in smoking by the young people. These measures are significant and more should be put in place.
This website is relevant when carrying out research on tobacco smoking since it contains studies that have been carried out on the various aspect of tobacco smoking including its dangers. Reported in the website, the Department of Children and Health in Ireland came up with a policy document that was titled Ireland a Smoke Free Zone: Towards a Tobacco Free Society. The policy document was formulated with an aim of reducing the smoking levels within the Irish society in order to prevent children from developing smoking habits. There are five main priority areas that were identified in the context of young people and the children reducing the smoking rates as well as the effects of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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