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Gender Discrimination - Essay Example

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The feminist movement saw rebirth 30 years ago borne out of the recognition that women lacked access to opportunities otherwise enjoyed by men. Women have accomplished in the process particularly in the areas of salaries and wages, reproductive rights and child rearing giving the feminine morale a triumphant boost…
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Gender Discrimination
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Extract of sample "Gender Discrimination"

Download file to see previous pages It is understood that the human rights activist cry for equality, a collective recognition is deemed acceptable for all and not merely censored on a few and singular groups. The potential for random discrimination in relation to gender is not dismissed. The so-called moral activists in adherence to old conservative theories still utter a different lament. The social change will take its toll and be delegated to the far recesses of one's imagination unless laws that protect the identity of women and transsexuals are recognized and properly implemented particularly in the workplace environment where common complaints of gender inequality are often heard.
With the passing of certain laws that govern sexual discrimination, how are this implemented in the workplace This seemingly simple question carries a multi-faceted approach that require knowledge of the laws that govern our rights.
Since the advent of sex discrimination legislation, the United Kingdom and the European region in general saw significant cultural changes across the workplace. When the European Convention on Human Rights recognized individuals other than the traditional gender classification of male and female a ground breaking law was established. In the field of sexual orientation the protection of transsexual rights of gay and lesbian under Article 8 of the European Convention has been interpreted "to extend to an adult's right to participate in private, consensual homosexual activity". In Cossey v U.K.1, when the applicants challenge the government to change their birth certificates to reflect their new gender the basis of denial dwell on the substantial administrative burdens imposed on the birth certificates. This might have to do with the explanation of trying to see to it that the historical records of accuracy are maintained and discrimination is not cited.
At the onset of the recognition of transsexual rights, anti-discrimination laws were reviewed immensely. The current framework of Anti-Discrimination Law is made up of three main statutes in the equal protection sense which deals with sex, race and disability issues. The Sex Discrimination Act 1975(SDA 1975)2 prohibits discrimination on the grounds of sex; marital status and now includes gender re-assignment in the field of employment, education and provision of goods and services. The applicability of such laws is considered in England, Scotland and Wales.

This Act is currently considered the most valuable tool to combat today's discrimination of employees in the work environment. It is undeniable that for some reasons, employers still practice such measures of exclusions despite claiming substantial media attention on the prosecuted violators. The habit of an imperialistic attitude bordering on the offensive refuses to die immediately which brought relevant complaints from women and transsexuals and will probably continue if proper dissemination of this particular law is not made available to the parties concerned.
On the basis of gender discrimination a person's right to exercise his/her skills and training are impeded in the workplace. In SDA 1975, sexual classification as the weaker sex is tantamount as an insult to a person's identity as pointed out in Snook 19993. It is a woman's civil right to a career of her own choice and to earn for herself and her family like any man. With the advent of this law, we can now see a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Gender Discrimination Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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