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Gender Discrimination Cases Involving Working Mothers - Research Paper Example

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Today, women hold powerful positions in employment, which contributes greatly to the country’s development. Nevertheless, the contemporary working mothers face various kinds of discriminations. The goal of this assignment is to analyze the reasoning behind such an issue…
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Download file to see previous pages Most managers are quite aware that expressing the views openly is likely put them in trouble because it is illegal. Therefore, many have opted to maintain silence so as to avoid being sued, which may cause the organization huge sums of money for damages.
Nonetheless, a report reveals that many managers still remain open about their gender discrimination against working mothers. This type of gender bias is commonly referred to as “maternal wall bias.” This type of gender discrimination takes different forms such as “why leave your child at home?” Some of the working mothers are discriminated against because of their pregnancies, which makes some of employers terminate their services arguing that their conditions cannot fit their roles any more. In addition, others employers tend still perceive women as inferior, therefore, denied promotion to higher ranks within the company (Long and Damrell, 2012).
It is noted that many employers for a long time have been at liberty to make such bias comments about working women without the fear of legal consequences (Brief, 2008). This is because women were not very much bothered about such comments. Nevertheless, this has changed in recent time especially with the advocacy for equality in employment and because more women are now employed in the United States.
According to a survey on employment, it was found that discrimination against working mothers is still high in many companies throughout the U.S. For instance, the survey found out caregivers have a difficult time being employed in the country. This is after the report showed that the possibility of a woman with a child being employed in the country fell by more than 79%. The scenario is attributed to gender discrimination against working mothers. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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