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Managing and Working in a Virtual team - Case Study Example

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Virtual teams are people who work on the same type of job criteria, but they are usually located in different regions, of the globe, where communication and coordination are performed virtually with telephones, video-conferencing and emails. This helps a corporation save costs…
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Managing and Working in a Virtual team
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Extract of sample "Managing and Working in a Virtual team"

Download file to see previous pages gain and maintain the trust of his or her charges, they must understand that trust depends on reliability, in virtual relations because there is usually limited personal interaction between members of a team. This eliminates chances of meeting and evaluating an individual’s potential or level of reliability. The only means to achieve this is to make sure that, as a team leader, you show team members that you are a reliable person by delivering on your responsibilities in time and in a competent manner, which serves as an example to the rest of the team. This will demonstrate to the members the level of quality of work expected of them, and this makes the team members respect and trust their virtual team leader (Lepsinger & DeRosa, 2010). Team leaders should establish guidelines in communication, which account for the differences in time zones, cultural and geographical variations between members. They can also specify the type of medium to be used when communicating to help avoid incompatibility and confusion when a meeting is about to begin. When considering how to enhance communication efficiency in a virtual team, a leader can consider creating team agreements on how and when to communicate across different time zones, team leader visits to the different members which helps establish engagements and trust by meeting the team leader face to face. A leader in a globally diversified team should formalize roles and duties of each team member starting with their own because this is the only way to ensure that the members have a clearly defined direction, which removes ambiguity in the roles that each member plays (Lepsinger & DeRosa, 2010).
Staff changes on a virtual team can happen at any stage in the execution of a project, and how fast and effectively a new member is recruited and integrated into the team determines the successful completion of the project (Lepsinger & DeRosa, 2010). Integrating a new member, in the team, requires that the individual be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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