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Virtual Team Concepts in Projects - Essay Example

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Virtual Team Concepts in Projects: A Case Study Name Institutional Affiliation Virtual Team Concepts in Projects: A Case Study Summary of What the New South Wales Police Force Did with the Use of Virtual Teams The project named Country Capital Works Program (CCWP) was reportedly a three-year police communications project located in the New South Wales (NSW) in Australia…
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Virtual Team Concepts in Projects
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Download file to see previous pages As disclosed, the whole project cost AUD $20.5 million. Likewise, the total members in the CCWP were noted to be 45, where all team members were revealed to be full-time employees of the New South Wales Police (NSWP). There was a project manager assigned to oversee and performance of the virtual team and was said to be instrumental to its success. The performance and operation of each team was gauged in terms of managing the following areas: time (or conformity to schedules), cost, quality, human resources, communication, risk, and procurement through specifically identified goals and the ability, competency and efficiency within which challenges and problems were addressed, as well as objectives were successfully attained. Analysis of the Functions undertaken in each Functional Area of Project Management 1. Time Management: Time management concerns started with prescribed schedules and setting of milestones which were explicitly noted to be difficult within the virtual team environment. As revealed, “this was complicated by the large number of subprojects (more than 230) and certain engineering constraints, which required some subprojects to be completed within certain critical time periods” (Kuruppuarachchi, 2009, p. 28). ...
The standards for monitoring and performance evaluation were the milestones set, including cash flow statements. As revealed, “the budget was monitored against time using simple means such as Excel worksheets and graphs showing cumulative values” (Kuruppuarachchi, 2009, p. 28) for the reason that all team members were noted to be familiar with this particular format. 3. Quality Management: This function was considered most challenging to monitor and gauge the actual quality outcome due to the remote locations of the team members. As such, standards to measure quality were based on more traditional and acceptable level by allowing the respective centers to adhere to quality standards and without the need for inspection from the central office. 4. Human Resource Management: There was a virtual team presented where the Project Manager from Sydney headed the project and governs the responsibilities of five center managers. As disclosed, since team members had been familiar with the organizational structure, policies, and roles, similar chain of command was therefore applied. 5. Communication Management: This functional area met most challenges in terms of the need to establish proper protocols for reporting on a center basis, as well as on the overall progress of the project. As such, there were clearly identified problems attributed as common to virtual teams, and those that were limited to them. Through the identification of these problems, proper strategies were proposed to resolve and iron out communication patterns, as required for the successful implementation of the project. 6. Risk Management: An overall risk management plan was reported to have been developed prior to the project; which became the conceptual basis for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Virtual Team Concepts in Projects Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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