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Logistics and Supply Chain Management Consultancy ( team project individual reflection) - Essay Example

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Moreover, it includes doing an in-depth analysis of each and every experience and occurrences, then drawing crucial conclusions from the same (Ayas and Zeniuk, 2001 p. 3). The…
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Logistics and Supply Chain Management Consultancy ( team project individual reflection)
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Extract of sample "Logistics and Supply Chain Management Consultancy ( team project individual reflection)"

Download file to see previous pages 4). Each of its parts; from description to the action plan is carefully designed to cover virtually every element of a project reflection. Each and every step of the Gibb’s cycle will be closely followed with respect to the details of the teamwork during the project.
Per say this consultancy project was not only vital for my personal growth, but also for my programme; I learnt a plethora of lessons, and the experience was nothing short of exhilarating. The project concerned the Port of Dover, a logistics sector owned, maintained and operated by the Dover Harbour Board. This port ranks among the busiest ports in Europe and handles approximately five million excess of vehicles each year. In context, my team comprised of eight members with a single leader (Willeke). Our project, as in the title above, was logistics and supply chain management consultancy. Each day, the team converged in the University Library, or sometimes in the Information Technology Lab. Procedurally, we began by each member of the group tabling their individual report works mostly during the morning hours. Then, a discussion of the progress for each member of the team ensued. Here, each member would present their hardships and everything appertaining to their progress with respect to the task allocated. After the discussion, Willeke, the team leader, would give her opinions regarding the overall progress and give her suggestions as well.
Concerning task division, the leader began by giving out questionnaires to every member of the team to complete. This step solely applied the Belbin theory of team roles, which in some way, was meant to harmonise the working of the group (Belbin, 2009 p. 3). After that, Microsoft Excel sheets were given to every one of us that would be used for the period of two and a half weeks. Notably yet, all the tasks that would be allocated to the team were based on the two provided files. As one of the members of the team, my primary task was to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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