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Comprehensive Exam Question 1 Part 1 Theory is considered as a map or a plan for conducting any kind of research. In any research, the main motive of people is to gain as much knowledge as possible regarding the best approach to study, by using previous experiences and explanations of others who have conducted similar researches before…
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Comprehensive Exam
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Download file to see previous pages Nature and Types of Theory In order to understand the nature and types of theory, five articles in the field of ‘virtual project management’ have been analyzed. Article 1: “Patterns for Effective Management of Virtual Projects: Theory and Evidence” This research was undertaken with the intention of understanding the forms for efficient management of virtual projects. The research uses a blend of theories and disciplines in order to recognize different perspectives on the research subject. It explores the theoretical foundation of project typologies. For instance, in this research, the researcher used ‘Media Richness Theory’, ‘Channel Expansion Theory’ and ‘Adaptive Structuration Theory’ in order to recognize the theoretical concept of virtuality. The research is based on ‘Pattern Theory’ in order to understand natural perspectives on effective methods in the field of virtual project management. Theory is useful way in this research to develop a sense with respect to different factors which impact on the virtual project management. In order to explain the theory, the researcher has also used figures. The figures help to describe different patterns on the aspect of virtual project management. ...
It discovers the combined impact of leadership, personality and organizational aspects on time, scope and quality of virtual projects. The research is based on the theoretical aspect of transformational leadership, personality and other substitute factors in order to measure their effects on virtual projects. A model has been used in order to demonstrate the impact of leadership on performance of virtual projects. In this research, the major concept is to measure the impact of leadership, personality, and other aspects on virtual team performance (Strang, 2010). Article 3: “Knowledge Integration in Virtual Teams: The Potential Role of KMS” This article explores difficulties of knowledge integration in virtual team context. The research is based on communication theory in order to recognize ‘Knowledge Management System’ (KMS) in different stages of virtual project management. The research concepts are operationalized by concentrating on virtual team circumstances where organizations try to utilize the knowledge oriented assets. In order to conduct the research, the researchers used secondary databases for describing how virtual teams can generate challenges towards application of knowledge oriented assets throughout virtual project phases (Alavi & Tiwana, 2002). Article 4: “Getting it Together: Temporal Coordination and Conflict Management in Global Virtual Teams” The research aims at investigating the impact of chronological management on virtual teams through asynchronous interaction. The research demonstrates an explicit theoretical framework on the aspect of chronological management challenges, interaction and management of conflict within a virtual team. In order to gather information theories on non-virtual teams have ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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