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MPH (Global Health) 2011-2012 Comprehensive exam Overpopulation: a growing world problem? Nissrin Hoffmann Outline Introduction Epidemiological and demographic aspects Environmental aspect Socio-economic aspect Political perspective Challenges and the ways of stabilization Introduction Today the problem of overpopulation continues to capture global debates, including researchers, economists, sociologists, scholars, and politicians…
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Overpopulation: A Growing World Problem
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Download file to see previous pages This scenario leads to pressure on the ecosystem. Where the condition is unbearable, individuals begin to move to secure regions that have enough space and resources. However, increased population tends to result in unsustainable host area due to increased consumption of natural resources, and waste production. Numerous literature show that most third world countries contribute too much toward this current scenario. Similary, the blames have targeted industrialized states for their production practices that have resulted in an imbalanced ecosystem due to impacts of biodiversity (Worldbank, n.d). Therefore, population growth and explosion remains a problem of all people. Many have challenged the duty and responsibility of industrialized in protecting the ecosystem and controlling their population explosion. The future of the world remains bleak about the impending increase in population at least twice the current number. For instance, the agricultural sector faces the challenge of ensuring sustainable food security that can sustain a population size of the anticipated 10 billion people in the next 50 years (Worldbank, n.d). Most countries have stepped up measures aimed at regulating population growth based on the demographic, epidemiological, and economic impacts created by an ever expanding population. The need for a regulated population has been necessitated by the evolving variables from environmental variables such as the green house gases, increased energy consumption. In addition, higher rates of population growth have proved to correlate with population behavior change, and the state of development from GNP and GDP perspective (Worldbank, n.d). Epidemiological and Demographic Aspects According to the current data of the Worldometers, today the population of the planet is more than 7 billion people (“World Population Clock”). The statistical data prove the fact the number of the population is constantly growing. Many researchers support the idea that the world population will be doubled in fifty years because of 1.5 % growth. However, it is necessary to examine the situation separately for every region and country (Bodden). The situation in the countries of the Eastern region, Africa, and Latin America develops according to the tendencies in the increase of the population. Nevertheless, the situation in the Western world is quite opposite (Bodden). From the point of demographic aspect, we cannot speak about the situation of overpopulation today because according to the definite investigations, the carrying capacity as the ability of the environment of the planet to sustain the definite amount of inhabitants can reach the number of 17 billion people (“World Overpopulation Awareness”). Source: United Nations Population Division, World Population Prospects, The 2008 Revision.Retrieved from http://www.prb.org/Educators/TeachersGuides/HumanPopulation/PopulationGrowth.aspx The increasing of the population can result to the changes of the demographic situation in the urban territories because there is the obvious interdependence between the growth of the population and the increased urbanization processes (“World Overpopulation Awareness”). The growth of cities also reveals the negative aspect of the overpopulation ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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