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A Linear Programming - Math Problem Example

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Linear Programming is an essential decision making tool in Production and Operation Management. It is used to determine the most effective way of using an organization's limited resources. {Heizer, Jay and Render, Render. "Production and Operations Management" p.240}…
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A Linear Programming
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Extract of sample "A Linear Programming"

Download file to see previous pages In mathematics, linear programming (LP) problems involve the optimization of a linear objective function (i.e., maximize profit or minimize cost) subject to linear equality and inequality contraints. {"Linear Programming." Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia}.
Since the problem involves a production and distribution system, use of the Transportation Method in Linear Programming is the best way to solve this. {Heizer, Jay and Render, Render. "Production and Operations Management". pp. 373-399}. A dummy destination is required since the production capacity is greater than the demand. {Heizer, Jay and Render, Render. "Production and Operations Management". p381}
This recommendation will enable the company to minimize total operating cost at US$ 3,195,000 per month whilst efficiently supplying the requirement of each outlet.
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{Heizer, Jay and Render, Render. "Production and Operations Management".4th Edition.p.240}
{Heizer, Jay and Render, Render. "Production and Operations Management".4th Edition. Chapter 9. pp. 373-399}
{Heizer, Jay and Render, Render. "Production and Operations Management".4th Edition. Chapter 9. p381}
{"Linear Programming." Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia}. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...?Quantitative Analysis Discuss the requirements of a linear programming (LP) model. Provide an example of an LP model and define each variable used. What are the key steps that need to be considered when formulating an LP problem? A linear programming model tends to consider linear inequalities in a number of variables that can be solved together in order to optimize the solution for any particular variable. A typical LP problem would be to optimize  which is subject to the following conditions: In these circumstances the variables x, y and z could represent material costs and labor costs respectively while z represents optimal cost. In order to set up a LP problem the inequalities are graphed and the corner points of the bound region...
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Linear Programming

... for their production. The available capacity of each of these hours is limited. Also there are government controls on the maximum output of each type. Under these constraints, the company needs to develop an optimal production plan. The company also needs to know the impact of marginal increase in the constraints on its profitability. The selling prices of the products are also controlled by the government though demand is unfulfilled. 2. Model Development Using the selling prices, hours required by each product for each operation and availability constraints, the given problem can be converted into a linear programming model. The constraints can be specified by the following inequalities: M + 2R < 700 2.5M + 2R < 1000 M...
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... Executive Summary SABIC is not functioning optimally in the allocation of operational costs. From the company’s archives, data for 13 months from which a strategy for planning 12 years of manufacturing was accessed. Using linear programming, as a mathematical approach of balancing priorities against other business activities, the company sought to minimize production costs as well as the amount spend on holding inventory. The developed model from the production scenario stipulates that the company’s best strategy is to certify that at any given production term, the produced items are less or equal to the company’s production capacity (P(t) ≤CAP). Optimization Methods in Linear Programming SABIC, Saudi Basic Industries Corporation, is one...
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Use the definition of matrix multiplication and the definition of the trace of a matrix, to show the above equality holds for any such matrices S and H.

If the expected $/-rate for 1 years time is 1.50, is the expected rate /$-rate 2/3, <2/3, or > 2/3? (Hint: the expected yearly $/-rate is defined as the $/-daily rate 1/n sum Xi where Xi is the $/-rate on an ith day, i = 1, ..., n = 365 and the expected /$-rate is defined as 1/n sum 1/Xi.)

Currencies A and B have a correlation of 0.8, and currencies B and C a correlation of 0.9. What is the least the correlation between A and C can be? (Hint: write down the 3 x 3 correlation matrix ( ij) i, j = 1, 2, 3 between the currencies. If we denote by x the corre...
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