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Phonetics - Essay Example

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This lesson plan is intended for Bisun, a Hindu and Dimitry, a Russian. The paper shall present the diagnostic speech and the analysis of the speech problems of Bisun and Dimitry. A one-hour lesson for them is then presented.
This (i) is free speaking homework assignment two…
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Extract of sample "Phonetics"

Download file to see previous pages Tools is not a good gift sorry (word order) tools are not a good gift because it probably means that the guy have to work and his not working (um) unless he some sort of physicist or mechanic tools probably not a good gift. Opera tickets is not a good gift I don't guys like opera. Silver cuffling(k)s is romantic and is a good gift. A picture of her is again a good gift I think is romantic. Race car driving lessons is a good gift because guys love sports. A book from the best seller list is not a good gift because I don't think guys like reading that much. An electric razor is very unromantic and is not a good gift is also means that guys probably don't shave. White socks is not a good gift. A sweater is probably a good gift again shows that the women cares for the man.
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Analysis of the speeches of Bis...
It has been observed that they sound strange and even rude sometimes. It is a glaring problem that they cannot produce the correct sounds of many vowel-sounds especially the [I], [], []. For the consonants sounds, both have problems in producing the correct sound of th transcribe. It is observable that they prolong that instead of producing the retroflex [r] they produce the trilled [r]. Aside from the difficulty in the approximation of sounds, the two students have been diagnosed to be problematic in their intonation, assimilation of sounds, pitch, stressing, and rhythm. Dimitry for instance has so much unnecessary pauses.
This lesson plan then shall be intended for them to be familiarized with the vowel sounds. It is prepared in such a manner that they will find the difference of pronouncing isolated words from the words in context. Drill will be given as it is the best way for them to learn and to master the skills.

One Hour Lesson
LESSON 1: THE VOWEL SOUNDS (should be read and pronounced by the teacher correctly with Dimitry and Bisun repeating after the teacher)
[i] High tense front
Extended unrounding of lips (smiling position)
feelings "feelings, nothing more than feelings"
keep "keep smiling, keep shining"
believe "I won't ever leave as long as you believe"
she "She's the girl I really want"
need "I need your love"
[I] Lower-High lax front
Natural unrounding of the lips; slight opening of the mouth
miss, kiss "Boy I miss your kisses"
this, is "all the time what this is"
minutes "25 minutes too late"
still, hear "still I can hear the words"
Monday, "You can kiss me on a Monday"
[] Low tense front
Natural unrounding of lips' low bunching of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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