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Phonetics Lesson - Essay Example

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Phonetics Student: Course Name: Number: Instructor: Date: Phonetics Phonetics refers to a branch of linguistics, which comprises of the study of the sounds related to human speech, or the corresponding aspects of sign in case of sign languages (Bickford, 2006)…
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Phonetics Lesson
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Download file to see previous pages Phonics lessons generate the best results for enhancing language. This paper will focus on one aspect of phonetics, Articulatory Phonetics, and create a lesson plan for English Language Learners (ELLs) with regards to this aspect. In learning articulation, phoneticians elucidate how people produce speech sounds through the interaction of diverse physiological structures (Bickford, 2006). Normally, articulatory phonetics is related to the conversion of aerodynamic energy into audio energy. Aerodynamic energy is the air that flows in the vocal tract. Aerodynamic energy’s potential structure is air pressure. Its kinetic structure, on the other hand, is the actual active airflow. Acoustic energy refers to the variation in the air pressure, which can be characterized as sound waves that are then professed by the human acoustic system as sound (Robertson, 2009). The key focus of this article is to offer educators a practical way to assist English Language Learners (ELLs) make little progress in literacy, especially ELLs who experience complexity in being aware of and differentiating the sounds in words (Robertson, 2009). This focus-grade of this paper will be students of the lower grades that are first to fifth grade. English language learners in these grades will benefit from improved exposure to language and print material. A print-rich classroom should include access to reference materials and books, labels and posters, and student works put on notice boards (Robertson, 2009). Speech walls are also a significant way educators could use to assist ELLs develop the phonetics skills. The speech walls should be organized around a variety of concepts, comprising of the alphabet and phonetic sounds, sight words, new vocabulary words, grammar rules, writing structures and conversational phrases (Bickford, 2006). A student's native language will also most probably have a strong effect on the manner, which the student learns English. Considering how this language is comparable to or diverse from English will assist educators to center on difficult areas in the lessons. This control can offer extra assistance, such as the case of Spanish and English cognates (educacion and education). The influence also might lead to some enduring faults in English that will become clear with time and frequent use by learners who have a similar native language. Languages might be different in a number of ways, such as pronunciation, phonetic sounds, word order, sentence structure or grammar (Robertson, 2009). For instance, in Spanish, the adjective frequently follows the noun, therefore an ELL might write, "We are a couple happy." In Somali, b and p have the same or similar sound. Somali students, therefore, need to be trained on these sounds clearly as two separate sounds. If not, they might ask for a tin of pop and it appears like they have asked for "bob." Native language might also influence learners’ vocabulary as they interpret phrases or words from one foreign language to another. Maybe a vocabulary word has numerous meanings, a diverse meaning in every language, or the idea is not present in one of the languages (Bickford, 2006). Even though, many educators do not know their learner's native language, being conscious of the effect of native language will allow educators to target their instruction successfully. A phonetics class that has ELLs should incorporate models of how to use structures, sounds, and language appropriately in English (Bickford, 2006). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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