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A reaction to 3 articles - Essay Example

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The paper comprises and thus will discuss the following articles: E.G. Austin’s article on immigration-“The United States V Canada”; Chico Harlan’s article “strict Immigration Rules May Threaten Japan’s Future”; Colin Butler’s article “Human Carrying Capacity and Human Health”…
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A reaction to 3 articles
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Extract of sample "A reaction to 3 articles"

Download file to see previous pages What he seems to be categorical however is that despite Japan’s intransigence about foreign workers, they have to move with urgency and resolve legal hurdles deterring foreign workers coming to Japan as Japan is staring at a crisis soon to come of lack of workers in vital sectors as the Japanese population declines and becomes aged.
At the beginning of the article, Chico says that for Japan to continue maintaining economic relevance in the next decades, it will “depend on its ability to-and its willingness-to grow by seeking outside help.”He cites the case of foreign nurses and the odds they face-they must pass a test that “almost no foreigner passes.” He explains that Japan has “deep misgivings about immigration and has tightly controlled the ability of foreigners to live and work” in Japan. He explains that with her declining population, the government will have but, to source foreign workers. The government is taking steps towards loosening of grip on immigration and in fact, it hopes to double the number of highly skilled foreign workers within a decade. He nonetheless observes that Japan is on course to have three workers for every two retirees by 2060.Noting that Japan has a program to that effect-the economic partnership program- with Indonesia and Philipines,he however observes that the program has a flaw. Throughout the article, he shows that Japan has a need for skilled labour but it is stuck with restrictive rules like on language. He indicates that a language test with a pass rate of less than 1 percent will always be criticized. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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