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Comparing Iodine Based Contrast Drugs for Acute and Late Allergic Reactions - Article Example

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Cross use technology between radiology technologists and medicine has been increasingly expanding…
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Comparing Iodine Based Contrast Drugs for Acute and Late Allergic Reactions
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Extract of sample "Comparing Iodine Based Contrast Drugs for Acute and Late Allergic Reactions"

Download file to see previous pages After reading this article, both the patients and the technologist will understand risk of contrast reactions, the frequency of occurrence of such risks, the associated side effects, and through this they will understand ways of minimizing the occurrence of ICM. This will ultimately help them to come up with an appropriate plan to manage and treat the ICM reactions effectively. Introduction Iodinated contrast media are one of the most injectable drugs radiology. Reactions from intravenous injections are either mild or self-treated. Most modern iodinated contrast media are used almost in any part of the body. It is because they are often used intravenously although they can be administered intraabdominally, intrathecally and intraarterially. They are reported to be safe and with mild and self-limiting adverse effects. Nonetheless life-threatening or severe reactions can occur. Radiologist who get involved in using iodinated contrast drugs should be aware of the associated risk factors for contrast media reactions. They need to be aware of the strategies to help minimize adverse events and must be prepared to promptly manage and recognize them. Iodinated contrast media can be categorized into four groups namely (1) ionic dimers (lower carboxyl group toxicity; lower osmotoxity: ration 3),include ioxaglate, (2) Ionic monomers (highest carboxyl group toxicity; highest osmotoxicity ration 1.5), Diatrizoate, ioxythalamate, metrizoate, iothalamate, and iodamide, (3) Nonionic monomers (no carboxyl group toxicity; same osmotoxicity as the ionic dimers), include hydroxyl groups: metrizamide iopromide, hydroxyl groups: iomeprol, iopetnol, ioxitol, and iopamidol), hydroxyl group: ioversol, iohexol), (4) Non ionic dimers (no carboxyl group toxicity; lowest osmotoxicity: hydroxyl group (iodixanol), and hydroxyl group: iotrolan. This literature review of scientific articles aims at evaluating whether there were variations in iodine based contrast drugs for acute and late allergic reactions, other side effects and their frequency. Materials and methods Selection of Random Controlled Trails (RCTs) investigating immediate or non-immediate allergic reactions, other side effects and frequency of iodine based contrast (Iodinated contrast media (ICM)) were considered for inclusion. Iodine based contrast was defined as intravenous contrast (radiocontrast) agents based on iodine. Comparing Iodine Based Contrast Drugs for Acute and Late Allergic Reactions, and other side effects and their Frequency Results and Discussion Iodinated-based Contrast Drugs/Media (ICMs) for Acute and Allergic Reactions. Iodinated contrast media (ICMs) are one of the injectable drugs that are most commonly used. Recent studies have shown that each year more than 70 million iodinated contrast media are administered worldwide. ICMs are derivatives of tri-iodinated benzene. Due to the tri-iodinated benzene derivative, ICMs are characterized by non-ionic or ionic side chains and the dimeric or monomeric ring structure. Non-ionic monomers seem to be less complicated than the non-ionic dimaers in NHR, although some studies indicate that there is no difference between non-ionic dimers and non-ionic monomers. According to the iodine ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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