Lived Experiences of the Time Preceding Burnout by Ekstedt and Fagerberg - Article Example

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The paper "Lived Experiences of the Time Preceding Burnout by Ekstedt and Fagerberg" highlights that the research design, the research methodology utilizes the aspect of phenomenology to describe and examine situations as they consciously happen or experienced (Ekstedt, 2005)…
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Lived Experiences of the Time Preceding Burnout by Ekstedt and Fagerberg
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Extract of sample "Lived Experiences of the Time Preceding Burnout by Ekstedt and Fagerberg"

1.  Identify and describe some of your initial reactions to the article. What jumped out at you? Did this article spark a desire in you to design a similar study? Why or why not?
The first reaction to the article when reading on the phenomenological study of pre-burnt experiences is that the article initiates the real experiences of those who are involved in the research design. The qualitative research design sparks the need to develop and carry out the same research study using a similar design research technique. This qualitative research technique allows for rational explanations and availing the possible solutions to be used in the experience of burn-out experience. The article research methodology based on the qualitative research design influences the meaning to the human experience and comprehend how individuals reason and to feel concerning their situations. 
2. Now evaluate the choice of this qualitative design in light of the study’s research problem. Explain why it is or is not an appropriate design choice.
The research design is an appropriate design for studying the article on the “Lived Experiences of the Time Preceding Burnout.” This is because the research design enables the reader to examine situations and develop the relevant experiences from the study according to the experiences of the participants. Consequently, this enables the researcher to develop logical elucidation and the possible solutions to the experience of burnout. The use of phenomenology allows for studying the details of the study thus bringing the actual experiences of the study (Ekstedt, 2005).
3. Identify another qualitative design the researchers might have used for this topic. Briefly describe how this would have changed the study.
The other research design method, which could be employed by researches for this article could be grounded theory historical research design. This research methodology utilizes the use of data in order to examine experiences and provide viable solutions to the phenomenon in the study.  Read More
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