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Social Work Burnout and its Effects on the Social Workers - Research Paper Example

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This research proposal will use a literature review of recent publications as well as other quantitative research approaches to help identify some of the reasons for the occurrence of burnout among social workers, its effects as well as some of the potential solutions to the issue…
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Social Work Burnout and its Effects on the Social Workers
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Extract of sample "Social Work Burnout and its Effects on the Social Workers"

Download file to see previous pages Social workers normally provide a wide range of services that are critically important for the general well being of the society particularly with regard to its most vulnerable members. However, despite their significant contributions, social workers in various parts of the world are increasingly facing a number of challenges such as chronic staff shortages, excess workloads, and other work-related psychological stress (Cushman, 2005). This is particularly attributed to the increasing demand for their services as well as the diminishing resources in most parts of the world. The heavy demands placed on social workers coupled with the limited resources often result in psychological stress that eventually develops into high levels of burnout.
According to many experts, social work burnout is a chronic psychological response to persistent workplace stressors such as adverse working conditions, unrealistic timeframes and deadlines, heavy workloads, low pay and lack of appreciation among others. Within the past few decades, a number of researches have been conducted to establish the prevalence of burnout among workers and the potential causes of the problem. However, there is currently little empirical evidence on the effects of social work burnout on the productivity and daily lives of the affected social workers. This research proposal seeks to identify the reasons for the occurrence of burnout among social workers, its effects as well as some of the potential solutions to the problem.
The interest in burnout among researchers began in the 1970s when the term was first used by theorists such as Freudenberger (1975) to describe the progressive irritability, resignation, and loss of morale among practitioners and workers. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Social Work Burnout and Its Effects on the Social Workers Research Paper.
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