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This paper "Heineken Advertisement in GQ" focuses on the fact that in a recent GQ, a Heineken ad appeared with the phrase “freshness has a name,” and an apple green Heineken bottle, faintly emitting light on a darker green background and green parquet floor, while being enshrined in water. …
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Heineken Advertisement in GQ
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The imagery in the ad further reinforced this feeling of healthiness, with the Heineken having almost the exact same colour as an apple (a traditionally healthy food) and being coated in water, something that is common in exercise imagery, implying that this will keep you hydrated and healthy. Though not being marketed as healthy per se, the ad attempts to connect Heineken to healthy concepts through imagery.
This ad is for young, stylish men, and it attempts to connect with them both through positive body image (through the healthy angle) and through the clean, compact lines of the advertisement. There is another beer ad in the magazine, for Budweiser, but it goes more for the social angle and does not directly compete in ideology. This is a good investment, as it makes Heineken seem like a healthy, young, vibrant drink, something which beer often has trouble doing, so it probably has a corner on the young, style-oriented beer-drinking men.
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(Heineken Advertisement in GQ Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 258 Words)
Heineken Advertisement in GQ Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 258 Words.
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