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With increasing competition in the business world, many firms are resorting to sophisticated techniques aimed at luring clients to buy their products. Due to this, the use of business ads in print and broadcast media is gaining popularity by day. However, critical analyses of…
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Download file to see previous pages likely to stir emotional and physical reactions from the clients, a development that is likely to negatively affect the brand image (Goshgarian n.p.). Based on the observations of Lutz, it is sad to note that people are often too short sighted to discover carefully articulated phrases. In this case, the impact of public understanding of linguistic strategies behind ads is explored.
Without a doubt, the alcohol industry is marred by use of weasel words in attempts to lure clients into adopting drunken behaviors. In line with Lutz observations, double speak is a common occurrence. As a global brand, Heineken is acceptable to many as a responsibly brewed alcoholic beverage with esteemed quality. The firm has partnered with many institutions in an attempt to attain publicity that would be essential in promoting its brand integrity. Further, Heineken has sponsored many athletes and public figures, all targeted towards promoting its brand image. Through reviews, it is evident that many youthful populations find themselves endeared to the public figures, a fact that drives them into imitating what the public figures do. Further, football is a widely accepted and followed sport across the globe. Specifically, the European champions’ league provides an ideal platform for various firms to seek fame. In such avenues, clients tend to endear themselves to the products on offer.
Reviewing Heineken marketing strategy, the firm advertizes its alcoholic brand just before and after the champions’ league matches, creating its esteemed image as a stable firm with the capacity to sponsor the league. In this advert, the starring exhibits accurate ball shooting ability. In this sense, the brand is trying to indicate that consumption of the drink improves energy and accuracy of the client. In reality, this weasel image created is far from truth. If I were a client to Heineken, realization that consumption of Heineken is likely to affect my stability, preventing me from exhibiting ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Lutz Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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