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Pschology of Coaching - Essay Example

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Over the pst 10 yers, life coching hs become stndrd development offering in most lrge orgniztions. Surmounting its reltive expense, scrcity of outcome reserch, nd implied "fix it" strtegy, the coching trin hs chugged long, gining speed nd populrity, spwning surprising number of professionl ssocitions, conferences, nd certifying curricul…
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Pschology of Coaching
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Pschology of Coaching

Download file to see previous pages... Present pper provides discussion on the question of life coching necessity in modern orgniztions. It emphsizes contemporry trend of life coching mong orgniztions nd suggests fctors tht led orgniztions to tke pth of coching s wy to retention nd mximizing the power of employees. Finlly, present reserch leds to conclusion bout effectiveness of investment in life coching in orgniztions s wy to mximize growth nd profits.
Coching is one individul working with nother to help them improve their performnce nd rech their potentil. Effective implementtion of coching within ll levels of n orgniztion is essentil in mximizing the return on trining investments, enhncing employee motivtion nd performnce, nd creting noticeble improvement in the bottom line. Defining life coching mens seprting this prticulr kind of coching mongst number of other coching techniques currently used in psychology. Generlly, life coching implies working with person from ny wlk of life. More specificlly, life coching is professionl prtnership between the coch nd the client tht supports the growth of the client through the use of requests nd powerful questions from the coch nd commitment nd responsibility of the client. Through the process of coching, clients focus on the skills nd ctions needed to successfully produce their personlly relevnt results. Life coching my include physicl, intellectul, emotionl nd spiritul spects of the client's life. This type of coching focuses on holistic view of client: his ctivities, drems, gols, visions; in short, his spiritul component. "business" coch, prticulrly one working within lrge corportion, focuses on performnce. This coch tkes into ccount the corportion's mndtes nd gols, s well s the individul's performnce. The two types of coching often overlp how ever both types re importnt in orgniztionl ctivity. (Hendricks, 2004)
In fct clerly defining who the clients would be (the orgniztion nd the individul end-users), s well s how informtion would flow between their orgniztion nd the coching compny, re mjor fctors in the successful outcome. When n orgniztion brings coching into its rnks on scle tht requires more thn one or two coches, it's presumbly to increse productivity, improve performnce, nd retin top tlent. Numerous studies--such s those completed by Xerox, Public Personnel Mngement, Mnchester Inc., IBM, nd Coching.com--show tht coching positively influences productivity, qulity orgniztionl strength, customer service, nd retention of best employees. (Meister,2005)Knowing tht positive benefits ccrue from coching, the burning question is, Who is the primry client Is it the client orgniztion becuse it pys for the coching Or is it the individul end-user becuse coching requires n environment of trust to be effective ccording to McDde nd nderson, the nswer is resounding, "Both." They see the vlue in the compny being the client of the coching orgniztion nd in the individuls being the clients of their coches. Coching employees generlly serves the following gols:
1. rticulte the orgniztion's vision, purpose, direction, strtegies, mjor gols nd ctions.
2. Involve/include members to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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