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Nature of Continuing Education for Building Identities as Social Workers - Research Paper Example

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This paper, Nature of Continuing Education for Building Identities as Social Workers, stresses that through various transitions in current social welfare services, circumstances surrounding not only clients of welfare services but also practitioners engaged in actual services…
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Nature of Continuing Education for Building Identities as Social Workers
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Download file to see previous pages With a view to various supporting occupations which play their roles in practical social works, this paper will discuss a necessary framework for education and training and needed learning models in order for social welfare professionals to acquire practical abilities and build their identities as social welfare professionals beneficial in the practical fields. First, I will overview the current status of continuing education for social welfare professionals and examine current learning models. Then, training program conducted by Kyoto International Social Welfare Exchange Centre is introduced as an actual example and issues in training of helping professionals who are required to be practical and responsive in practice sites.
Taking advantage of the recent craze for certification courses, the number of social welfare educational institutions was rapidly increased as sort of “social welfare bubble,” not a small number of them has been driven into bankruptcy due to decree ease in the number of students over the past one to two years and future prospects of the rest are not fruitful in any sense.
Standards for Continuing Professional Education” and emphasized that continuing education is essential for social workers to grow as professionals and fulfill their obligations for the improvement of social works. Code of ethical practice of Japanese Association of Certified Social Workers which was adopted in 2005 emphasizes the necessity of improvement of expertise by stating “Certified social workers shall participate in supervision, education, and training, improve helping manners and expand professional capabilities for the best practice” as an ethical responsibility of professionals. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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