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Advantages of Advertising Online vs Traditional Ways of Advertising - Case Study Example

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This paper "Advantages of Advertising Online vs Traditional Ways of Advertising" describes various ways of advertising, their main aspects, and technologies. From this work, it is clear that online advertising dominates over traditional advertising in that it promotes more interactivity. The author outlines customer engagement, investment in content management…
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Advantages of Advertising Online vs Traditional Ways of Advertising
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Extract of sample "Advantages of Advertising Online vs Traditional Ways of Advertising"

Download file to see previous pages In commerce, the internet has become a communication tool between companies and customers where companies establish brand relationships and sell products. In addition, the internet is a source of information regarding consumers’ intelligence since consumers spend hours on the internet leaving behind crucial information that reveals their interests, their purchases, and the contents of their communication. Analyzing such content opens doors for much understanding of consumers and improvement of products to meet customer needs.
With the adoption of Information technology into organizations and the growth of technology, companies have been greatly affected, especially in terms of advertising their products. This paper evaluates the advantages of online advertising and compares it to traditional ways of advertising. The traditional forms of advertisement evaluated in this paper are categorized in to broadcast, print, telephone, and direct mail (Lavinsky, 2013). Conversely, online advertising modes today include search engine marketing, social network advertising, mobile advertising, affiliate marketing, and display advertising. Some aspects of comparison include the target audience, the direction of communication, interactivity, effective connectivity that results in integrated customer experience, and content management.
Online advertising is known for its immediacy in the publishing of information without any limitation by time or geographic constraints. This is possible given the increased accessibility to the internet which then means that despite the geographic location of the consumer, access to the internet gives company advertisements and campaigns a global coverage. The result is an increased customer base, customer information or comments about the products, and customer purchases. Conversely, traditional advertising is directed from a single source to a large audience such as one print advertisement for multiple readers (Janoschka, 2004, p. 17). The number of readers reached is however dependent on the geographical area reached. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Advantages of Advertising Online vs Traditional Ways of Advertising Case Study.
(Advantages of Advertising Online Vs Traditional Ways of Advertising Case Study)
Advantages of Advertising Online Vs Traditional Ways of Advertising Case Study.
“Advantages of Advertising Online Vs Traditional Ways of Advertising Case Study”.
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