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Revolution in advertising began in the 1960s and it has shown the huge importance in today’s advertising because it has completely changed the mode of advertising to…
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Chapter 7
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Revolution in advertising creativity One of the themes portrayed in chapter seven of the textbook is that of creative revolution in advertising. Revolution in advertising began in the 1960s and it has shown the huge importance in today’s advertising because it has completely changed the mode of advertising to suit the current market demands. Revolution in advertising creativity has changed the objectives of advertising. In early days, the objective of advertising was gaining attention, but today advertising is mainly aimed at increasing product awareness (Sanje & Senol, 2012). Since the 1960s, advertising has gone through several changes and due to these changes, the current advertising techniques have gained much more persuasive strength.
Creative revolution from 1960s has made advertising to become much more effective than it was traditionally. Due to creativity revolution, advertisement today is able to confer a strong beneficial effect on prices of brands. Creativity revolution is believed to be the soul of branding and advertising. It is what gave life to today’s advertising messages about services and products (Samuel, 2012). Without creative revolution in advertising, today’s advertising would be insignificant or boring in the minds or hearts of the target consumers. For instance, most advertisers often seek advice from advertising agencies for development and designing of ads that will enable them attract a large population of customers. Creative revolution in advertising has resulted to what is mainly referred to as digital advertising.
The creative revolution has replace many conventions in the advertising sector bringing more creativity and inspiration to advertising messages. Due to creative revolution advertisement is very important in today’s world based on the benefits it brings to business organizations due to their effectiveness. For instance, magazines and newspapers are used in today’s advertising to address a certain group of customers. The type of products and services advertised in this platforms are very attractive to grasp the reader’s attention. Apart from magazine and newspapers, advertisement is currently done via radios and television to persuade a large group of consumers (Sanje & Senol, 2012). The current advertisement methods have deeper impact on the minds of the consumers compared to the traditional ones. Creativity has also resulted to business men using celebrities to be pictured in their advertisements so that many consumers will consider them as fashion trends.
Revolution in advertising has currently resulted in internet advertising across the globe. Many people currently use internet to acquire ideas about many significant things in their daily life. Therefore, internet advertising is very advantageous since it currently addresses a large population of consumers at once. Creativity revolution in advertising has resulted ineffective means of advertising that are fairly affordable such as the internet. The “coming of age” of advertising in 1960s resulted in TV language appropriated photography medium producing unprecedented creativity. Influenced by social and cultural changes of those days, advertising reflected innovation trend which almost all today’s businessmen are benefiting from. Today’s advertisement due to creativity provide incentive and information that keep consumption of products and service high all the time (Samuel, 2012). This is best known for its “creative revolution” whereby traditional formats and styles were abandoned in favor of “new advertising methods” which are characterized as self-preaching, irreverent, and humorous. To sum it up, creative revolution in advertising has marked a very great and significant change in advertising sector. Due to creative revolution in advertising, today’s advertising methods are of high quality thus enabling many producers to attract many consumers.
Samuel, L. R. (2012). Thinking Smaller: Bill Bernbach and the Creative Revolution in Advertising of the 1950s. Advertising & Society Review, 13(3).
Sanje, G., & Senol, I. (2012). The importance of online behavioral advertising for online retailers. International Journal of Business and Social Science, 3(18), 114-122. Read More
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Chapter 7 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 4.
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