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Better Consumer Experiences with Second-Hand Fashion: Self Image Improvement - Literature review Example

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The clothing and textile market presents sensitive consumption patterns due to the close attachment of consumer preference, changes in fashion and other price elasticity factors. Within the changing marketing frontiers presented by information technology which embraces an online…
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Better Consumer Experiences with Second-Hand Fashion: Self Image Improvement
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Download file to see previous pages Europe was the hub of agrarian and industrial revolutions during which the textile industry was established as one of the economic leaders. Textile markets in Europe were largely defined by production which was initially ready to meet the market demand that was equally driven by consumer preferences for specific fashion. However, there were elements of certain organizations gathering second-hand textiles for the less fortunate communities for purposes of charity (Palmer 2005, p202). Most of the charity beneficiaries were in the third world countries and strict movement of such products characterized developed countries textile environment making it difficult for such trade to get established. Following periods of reductions in industrial production across Europe and the textile industry explored the opportunity presented by second-hand products despite strict regulations in the movement of such products. At the backdrop of the need to ensure adequate supply for fashion across the world, second-hand alternatives struggled to hit the markets due to regulations that hindered such trade. Eventually, world economies that were reluctant to allow trade in second hand found it difficult to ensure supply of clothing and textile against dwindling supplies as well as picking movement of second-hand fashion products elsewhere. Environmental campaigns embracing sustainable production interventions for textile material usage added to the success of the proliferation of second-hand fashion. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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