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Different Ways of Solving Ethical Problems - Case Study Example

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The paper "Different Ways of Solving Ethical Problems" states that various theories on ethical marketing further reinforce the fact that companies should abide by ethics in their marketing activities. Companies in their intention of earning profits often forget their ethical obligations…
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Different Ways of Solving Ethical Problems
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Extract of sample "Different Ways of Solving Ethical Problems"

Download file to see previous pages The teleological and deontological evaluations lead to ethical judgments and which finally result in the intentions (Antoine & Green, n.d.).
Marketing is a field where the maximum ethical controversies arise. Example of certain unethical marketing practices is the marketing of products that have an adverse affect on health like tobacco, false advertising and selling products that have a short life span to take advantage of before time repurchasing. Often the privacy of people is intruded on the pretext of surveys for marketing research. Telephone selling is done in the disguise of surveys. Companies offer discounts and price cuts after raising the original price so that the customer is actually paying the same or even paying more. Differential pricing which is resorted to by companies is unethical. At times salespeople resort to false claims about the product or talk bad about the competitor to influence the customer’s purchase. The practice of selling products which are banned in one’s own country to foreign countries is totally unethical (Nantel & Weeks, 1996).
According to the teleological theory if the ratio of good consequences to bad consequences is high then such a code of conduct would be considered moral (Smith, 2010). Teleologists are mainly concerned with the consequences of human behaviour and actions. Egoists believe that decisions should be made keeping in mind individual interest (Parsa & Lankford, n.d.). Individual interests vary from person to person. Utilitarianism believes in doing well to the maximum number of people (Smith, 2010). It believes in acting in a way with the aim that the ratio of good to evil is very large (Parsa & Lankford, n.d.).
It is very difficult to determine the greater benefit of the greater number of people as is said by the utilitarian theories. A country may place a ban on the marketing of harmful pesticides in one’s own country and allow the marketing of pesticides in other countries. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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