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Does Advertising Affluence ADIDAS - Research Proposal Example

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"Does Advertising Affluence ADIDAS" research proposal aims at analyzing the influence of advertising activities for the world-renowned brand – ADIDAS. The objective of this research is to determine whether or not the big brands, such as ADIDAS in this case, should reduce excessive advertising…
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Does Advertising Affluence ADIDAS
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Extract of sample "Does Advertising Affluence ADIDAS"

Download file to see previous pages The gurus of marketing, such as Moriarty (2008) and Ogilvy (2004), state that the ultimate aim of advertising is not just to trigger an impact but to create and spread awareness amongst the masses about the existence of a product and/or service, its features and benefits, availability and other factors that constitute the product mix. In accordance with Lucas (2006), advertising has gained momentum in recent times with firms spending millions and billions towards advertising at various levels.

Amongst the hot topics today, as stated by Pricken (2008), a recent debate that has come across is the importance of advertising in well established and renowned brands. For the fact that one of the major aims of advertising is to create and spread awareness amongst the target audience; along the similar lines, it is being argued that since the big brands have readily made their existence known to the masses, and these brands are the forerunners when the target audience goes shopping around for the relevant products and/or services, such brands should cut down on their advertising budget, which can drastically cut down their costs, ultimately influencing the consumer product price, as suggested by Vonk (2005). Big brands such as ADIDAS, NIKE, REEBOK, or others, tend to spend millions of dollars every year on various forms of advertising through different media and advertising campaigns.

According to Calkins (2005), brands consider advertising as a major barrier to entry for the upcoming entrants.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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