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The customer relation theory of Adidas is customer loyalty through engagement (Marcus, 2014). Customer engagement is achieved through various means including digital means. For instance, the Adidas…
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Analyses customer relation theory of adidas
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Relation Theory of Adidas Introduction Adidas is a German firm that designs and manufactures sports and fashion wear. The customer relation theory of Adidas is customer loyalty through engagement (Marcus, 2014). Customer engagement is achieved through various means including digital means. For instance, the Adidas sportswear is featured in Sony play station. This is intended to achieve two things as follows;
Engage game players with the gaming
Adidas intends to engage the game players with the brand through the gaming console (Simon & Dave, 2007). As Ernest (2012) argues, there are millions of game players who play these games and Adidas knows and appreciates the fact that if these people are exposed to the brand over and over, they are likely to come to like. This is a powerful marketing for Adidas and it uses it effectively to be able to engage the customers.
Create customer loyalty
Adidas tries to use customer loyalty in order to maintain its customers. Although some scholars have argued that consumers are rarely loyal to such brands as Adidas and its major competitors like Nike and Puma, the firm still sticks to its strategy of trying to create customer loyalty Matthew (2013). One of the ways in which Adidas tries to create customer loyalty is to have its brand strategy designed in such a way that all customers have been served. For instance, the firm is currently delivering three parts of its brand (Arenas, 2010). The first brand is the original which gives the customers the option to access the original Adidas designs. This is for the loyal customers who still want to stick to the products they liked in the older days. The second is the designs that are geared towards professional athletes. These products are designed to serve professional athletes in order to help them have the best performance. The third and last brand is geared towards fashion. This is for the Adidas customers who feel they want to wear Adidas products but with a fashion appeal to it (Kyle, 2006).
Of these three categories of customers that Adidas targets, its digital marketing strategy targets only two. The two categories targeted with the digital strategy for Adidas are those who are fashion oriented and the athletes’ categories. The reason for this is these customers are the ones who are most likely to use the gaming consoles and so Adidas is able to engage these customers.
Although the digital gaming console is the main digital marketing strategy that Adidas has used mainly, the firms also uses other digital channels to engage the customers. For instance, the firm uses social media such as Facebook and twitter for its customer engagement. This helps the firm to be able to get feedback and to interact with the customers in order to make sure that the firm understands the market. This is necessary because as Dorie (2012) says, social media marketing is very important in today’s world. According to Brinkley (2012), digital marketing is a very useful tool for most firms today, regardless of market size.
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