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MA Strategic Marketing Communication - Research Paper Example

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This paper "MA Strategic Marketing Communication" discusses the influences on the behaviors of the customers and their influences on the image of the company that will enable improvements in service quality and focuses on future milestones of the company…
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MA Strategic Marketing Communication
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Extract of sample "MA Strategic Marketing Communication"

Download file to see previous pages The methods of data collection used are primary research data collected by the help of interviews and questionnaires. The questionnaires used in this study are close-ended questions with the focus just being significantly on the opinions of the customers in the form of specific answers.

Esprit is one of the leading global brands with franchises all over the world. The company has a high profile brand image and a great sense of the modern fashion industry. The company was established in the year 1968 as a San Francisco based firm in the fashion clothing industry that manages 630 retail stores and serves at least 9700 wholesale customers in 44 countries. The focus in these modern times is not on quantity but rather on product and service quality as the company’s orientation in more inclined on service quality and customer support. The company’s policy is to have an impact on their global image as fashion clothing market leaders, but, in the UK they are lagging behind companies like Marks and Spencer and Next. The company takes pride in providing quality service by the core essence of satisfying its customers and sustaining their image as a global enterprise in the long run. The literature will focus on the effects of the service quality on the behaviour of the customers for Esprit products in the United Kingdom.

The company’s focus is on studying the effects of service quality on the behaviors of the customers for Esprit products in the UK. This will be looked up through research and the collection of the primary data through interviews and questionnaires. Importance shall be given to customer support and customer satisfaction. It is in line with this then that this research aims to answer the following questions:

Marketing strategies are considered to be a very important aspect of the initiatives adopted by the companies in order to ensure the development of a better brand image of their products and services. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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