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Reflection in Business Research - Dissertation Example

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I have never found an opportunity to reflect on the experiences of undertaking a business research just as I have endeared to do today. I must admit that was a success to note that I could participate in an effective operation, to launch a comprehensive study on radical marketing strategies. …
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Reflection in Business Research
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Download file to see previous pages I could visualize a reality of applying and implementing suitable models, frameworks and theories that I choose and got surprised how I used it to base on realities of social research. According to Peter Jarvis (1995:75), learning from primary experience is essentially obtaining through sense experience. I believe it reaffirms what Weil and McGill’s (1989:3) described in the four ‘villages’ model. I can derive from the Village one my life and work experience at Coventry University drew from my ability to assess and accredit learning. Village two allowed me to focus on experiential learning on the platform of brings change to my perception of business research methods on how to write professional reports. In Village three, I aroused group consciousness of my colleagues as I sought their views regarding preparing administering questionnaires and carrying out interviews. Because of these concepts, I read through them then picked some ideas and implemented them by doing the above. In Village four, I came to the realization that I needed to engender personal growth and self awareness in graduate research. It taught me how to take advantage of hidden opportunities in academic institutions of identifying research areas, questions and designing research methodology. I was able to gather data through successful communication with respondents to allow me (source), conduct a knowledgeable conversation with the respondents (receiver), which relayed a message on marketing content (Kolb, 1984). The feedback was outstanding; I effectively executed my research tasks in the business discipline at Coventry University. I feel nurtured to become a distinguished scholar and researcher providing professional trainers, state of the art university facilities and equipment for training. I have felt that I needed to hone my communication and business skills including wring professional reports. With the help of 5Ws strategy, I utilized it to ignite my writing process (Mohan et al, 2008). In the 5Ws (who, what, when, where, and why), I used it as an effective strategy to enhance my creative thinking especially when it comes to writing business reports. In times of difficulty, I requested help from my tutor at the department in the university who assisted in proof reading my work and giving me feedback. I also applied (Mohan et al, 2008), the transition process of communication. In order to be more clear and concise, the set of questions provided by (Emerson, 2009), applied to all my questionnaires work. I also made sure to proofread and edit all my works. It proved to be an effective technique, especially when it came to communicating with Vodafone clients and suppliers. In addition, I developed a habit of applying the 5Ws strategy on every message and email that I write to ensure the key points stand out. According to Kolb’s learning styles, I felt that I was feeling and watching the different customer and product perspectives. I slowly found myself accommodative to the views by feeling and doing aggressive marketing. To improve on communication skills, I employed the communications model (Solomon, Charbonneau, Hughes, Chitty, Marshall and Stuart, 2008), to comprehend how ideas transforms into messages. They are then relayed from the marketer to the consumer. In assimilating, I conjured the ideals of watching and thinking by updating with the latest business news, through joining online communities and utilizing social networking to make connections. I took the time to understand the operations and functions of Vodafone marketing research department. My strength was always in the willingness to research and investigate new ideas that I felt were beneficial to my tutor. It has helped me to undertake a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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