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The Importance of Marketing in the Various Industries - Assignment Example

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The 1st section will deal with a review of two marketing articles. The 2nd section deals with providing a summary of another article, ‘The Naked Truth of Celebrity Endorsements’. The final section deals with identifying an available job and listing out the key skills required for the job…
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The Importance of Marketing in the Various Industries
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Extract of sample "The Importance of Marketing in the Various Industries"

Download file to see previous pages The two chosen articles for this report include a) Joe Thomas’s: Tesco’s ‘eat-in’ premium’, and b) ‘Growing a Treat’. A brief summary of the two articles and the main points of discussion will be discussed here:

Joe Thomas’s - Tesco’s ‘Eat-In’ premium: The article by Joe Thomas highlights the techniques used by Tesco to improve the sales of its brands. The company has introduced into the markets a way for people to save on going to a restaurant and having the pleasure of eating the same style, and type of food within the comfort of their homes. Tesco is known for the value products that it provides the high quality that it provides. In an interview with Mark Ritson, and associate professor of marketing, he explains, ‘It simply means a very small proportion of consumers want to pay a bit more for high-quality restaurant-style food at home, he adds. Compared with the alternative - eating out at a restaurant - this is a classic recessionary product. It might cost more than other items in Tesco, but its a third of the price of having the same meal on the high street’. This he explains is the sign of excellent consumer segmentation by Tesco. There is also a comparison that has been made with Sainsbury and their trick of marketing using a healthier and cheaper mode of cooking. The company has made a success story with its ‘try team’.

Growing a Treat: this article has been developed keeping in mind the effects of the recession on the various industries across the world. The article, however, has provided a very different view of the current events that take place in the cookies and biscuits sector of the industry. The article has discussed the market leaders of the industry and has also included the statistics of the sales of the biscuits in the industry. The article has also included a discussion on the packaging of a product and how it has a major effect on the sales of the product as well. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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