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The job industry - Essay Example

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In the paper “The job industry” the author describes his future choice of profession. He states that the job industry today is complicated, with new industries popping up and old ones dying. Technologies are advancing faster than anticipated twenty, ten, or even five years ago. …
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The job industry
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"The job industry"

Download file to see previous pages I see myself as a business executive.  In order to fulfill this long term goal, I must not only be aware of current technology, but current trends.  The economy is of great concern to me.  Many business executives failed today’s society with their bad decisions.  I do not want to be a future business executive that fails society with bad decisions.  In order to become the best I can be, I must be taught how to be a great, not good, but great business executive.  I believe that the decision to attend Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations is a step in the right direction.  This is the best choice I could make, because Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations is the best place to learn how to be a great business executive. Another interest of mine is being a part of something productive.  Loans, the stock market, and other business are not as important to me as business that creates an actual product.  This product could range from a technology or something practical like energy.  Being a useful part of society and creating a product that is needed encompasses what I want to achieve.  Without attending the Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations, I would not be able to achieve this dream.If I continue the path I am on without attending the Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations, I will not be able to become a business executive.  I will be stuck in a dead end job that pays minimum wage with no benefits. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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