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Creating a Business Opportunity - Essay Example

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The study will analyse the authors plan and strategies for growth and expansion of the business in Mumbai, India.  It will highlight various businesses, technical and non-technical process included in the manufacture and sale of the PVC chemical and its application in the construction business…
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Creating a Business Opportunity
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Extract of sample "Creating a Business Opportunity"

Download file to see previous pages PVC market has been growing at a high rate in India because of its significant demand from the industry. The capacity of PVC growth has been gradually increasing by 10 percent compared to the world average production of 4 percent. The global PVC production and the consumption pattern has been growing and been compared with the world average. As per the statistical data of Chemical Marketing Associates Inc. (CMAI) the PVC demand had been 2.08 million tones and the capacity production was estimated around 34.8 million tons. The global demand of PVC production rose from 1.63 million tons to 3.1 million per tones. The demand for PVC production has been mainly for the manufacturing, glazing of the windowpanes and the doors. PVC chemical is required for the thermal production and its durability purposes (Butow & Taylor, 2009).Business Opportunity FeasibilityThe manufacturing of windowpanes is required to exhibit durability of the windowpanes and doors. The popularity of the windowpanes has been growing at increase rate in the metropolitan areas. Consumption pattern of PVC chemical has almost doubled three to four times. Demand of PVC products has been increasing at a rate of 10 percent compared to the world statistics of 4 percent. The consumption pattern of PVC chemical has been increasing with a substantial capacity. Additionally, 30 to 250 kt reflects demand and supply of PVC chemical. Heavy investment in manufacturing chemicals in industries is a main factor, which drives PVC production. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Creating a Business Opportunity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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