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The Possibility of Dachser Far East Ltd. Entering into Western China - Research Proposal Example

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The paper "The Possibility of Dachser Far East Ltd. Entering into Western China" discusses that customer loyalty is a direct result of customer satisfaction. And customer satisfaction is largely influenced by the value of services which created by satisfied, loyal and productive employees.  
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The Possibility of Dachser Far East Ltd. Entering into Western China
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Extract of sample "The Possibility of Dachser Far East Ltd. Entering into Western China"

Download file to see previous pages The aim of the study is to study the market conditions that are likely to influence the pace of entry and progress in the case of DAFE, towards establishing a foothold in the market and take the necessary steps towards achieving profitable and efficient business operations in the least possible time.
Additionally, the research will also look into the conditions of administration as well as the Chinese legal framework, which are likely to play a key role in shaping up the entry strategy of the company in various areas such as management, inventory, labor, manufacturing, sales etc.
As such, the study aims to further determine if the resulting strategy would provide the required financial benefits to the company in the long run and whether it will help achieve all the targets set forth by the company. In addition, it is also deemed important to assess and evaluate all potential obstacles that can hinder the pace of progress of this proposed entry by the firm.
The Government of China has recognized the disparity in terms of development between the heavily industrialized east and the relatively underdeveloped west. In order to minimize this and ensure uniform development throughout the country, the government has carved special economic and announced political incentives to the foreign investor. International firms find that one of the major competitive advantages in Western China is the availability of relatively cheap labor. As such, some of the factories intended to have been set up originally in South China through foreign investments have either moved or are being planned to be shifted to Western China.
As a company specializing in freight forwarding and logistics, DAFE is experiencing a decline in the turnover through operations in South China.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Possibility of Dachser Far East Ltd. Entering into Western China Research Proposal.
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