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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: The Combination of Chinese and Western Art The combination of Eastern and Western art began after 1843. This was as the Western civilization and culture made its first appearance to the East (Michael 105). The joining of the two cultures brought forth a different form of art altogether…
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The Combination of Chinese and Western Art
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The Combination of Chinese and Western Art The combination of Eastern and Western art began after 1843. This was as the Western civilization and culture made its first appearance to the East (Michael 105). The joining of the two cultures brought forth a different form of art altogether. It is the combination of these cultures that paved the way for modern, Chinese art that has a deep sense of Western culture in it. Through time, it has become an acceptable practice to join these forms of cultures together. This is usually done to come up with what is so often seen today in most art exhibitions and galleries. Many Eastern artists have embraced the nature of this combination. They are likely to pass it on to many more people who are keen on art. This paper will review some works of art that have the symbolic, Western form of craftsmanship involved in the making of Eastern/Chinese art. The works of art that will be reviewed were displayed at an exhibition held at the National Museum of China. The reason why these pieces have been selected for review is because they are important in showing the relationship between Chinese and Western art. Works of Art from the exhibition China is famous for most of its artistic designs when it comes to porcelain (Michael, 108). This is sometimes seen in most of their utensils and some of their artefacts. It is next to impossible to have a Chinese home or family that does not have any form of porcelain artefacts. Some of them are usually from family generations long gone. This means that there is the passing on of these artefacts from one generation to another due to the value they have to the family. There was the showcasing of some pieces of art during an exhibition, held by the National Museum of China. This was in order to show of the connection or inspiration that Chinese art has from the Western culture. The exhibition was meant to shed light on the history of ancient China, and its inhabitants. The history is based on the exportation of porcelain products (Michael 110). It also focused on the influence exerted on all those involved, both directly and indirectly, with the industry of porcelain making. It also focused on the spread of China’s culture and art to the West. One such piece of work is the, two incense burners with French mounts. Inspiration of this piece of art came from French merchants who thought it wise to fuse Chinese porcelain with metal mounts. This was seen as a way to transform the overall appearance of the artistic piece. They are fashionable items in France, and they provide for a variety of luxurious objects. The art work shows how French and Chinese styles and ideas were fused to form an amazing piece. The next piece of art that was showcased that caught the eyes of many was the brush pot. Its design mainly followed the Chinese and their style of shaping designs into hard clay. This style was not followed in Europe. However, it became surprisingly familiar in Germany, and Italy. Meissen in Germany has been at the forefront in joining nations using traditions, and modernity. It is through such connection that people can connect through art all over the world. Again, the art works shows how Western and Chinese styles and ideas were fused to form amazing pieces. The other work of art that seemed compelling was the vase with flambe glaze. The thing about this jar was its representation. Its blue streaks on the purple ground are known as kiln transmutation. This art has a large following, especially in Europe. The stoneware was made during the Song and Yuan periods. The educated elite and the emperors favoured this artistry during their time. It, therefore, became particularly famous due to this. They became quite desirable to collect and have as heirlooms among many people during that time. They are a pretty sight to watch due to their colour, and their imitations of surface colours. The final, but not least item/art on display was the Celadon flower vase. The stoneware is similar to the one that made the vase with flambe glaze. There is only a slight difference that sets them apart. The patterns that are present on this vase are unique to the people who familiarize themselves with the art. This art was inspired by Chinese ceramics, and it was made in Europe. The coming together of all these art made from the combination of many cultures and traditions indicate a lot. First, there is the effort made by people around the world to understand and embrace different cultures and help in creating something everyone can enjoy (Michael 114). The second thing is the time taken by people to grow and develop in order to understand the culture present in other, different environments. In conclusion, it is possible to create understanding among people through art. This is seen with the adoption of different artistic representations. It is through these representations that artists in China and other Western communities are able to create quality, representations of their cultures (Michael, 120). Bringing them together has contributed to substantial improvements over the years, thus creating an indispensable tool in global understanding. Work Cited Michael, Sullivan. The Meeting of Eastern and Western Art. New York: Macmillan, 1989. Print. Read More
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