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Analysis the China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited - Essay Example

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The company is of Chinese origin and is one of the key players in the sector both regionally and internationally. The airline company takes part in flying domestic, regional, and international airplanes. The…
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Analysis the China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited
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The Company has maintained a good gross profit margin over the five-year period. It had 38.57% in 2010, 39.67% in 2011, 38.98% in 2012, 37.85% in 2013, and 40.35%. The constant figure of gross profit margin, which the company maintained on the earlier periods, indicates that the prices were of their products and services, and purchases matched in increase and decrease (Barrow and Barrow, 2008). The fall in 2013 shows that there was a fall in prices but this was compensated by the sudden increase of the ratio in 2014 showing that the company is making profits from its sales.
The Company’s operating profit margin was 4.78% in 2010, 4.88% in 2011, 5% in 2012, 1.73% in 2013, and 6.45% in 2014. This margin increased steadily over the five-year period with the exception of the sudden fall in 2013. The fall in operations was a result of operational difficulties, which the company experienced. The company had to incur extra costs to bring the situation back to normal (Berman, Knight and Case, 2006). The larger increase in the margin in 2014 shows the managements effort in correcting the problem experienced in 2013. The increase of the ratio over the five years indicates the management’s efficiency in generating profits from the operations of the company.
China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited’s net profit margin was 3.29% in 2010, 3.42% in 2011, 3.36% in 2012, 2.35% in 2013, and 0.38% in 2014. The company maintained a fair margin the earlier three years of the five-year period. The performance during those years was desirable as it indicated that the management’s efficiency in generating sufficient net profit from the sales of the company (Berman, Knight and Case, 2013). The fall of the margin in 2013 and 2014 put the managements’ efficiency into ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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